Oscar Wiegle Jr

A number of white pasteboard cards are shown all different and to contain a number on one side, all numbers varying in the hundreds and thousands. The cards are shuffled, and after cutting, a spectator removes five, holding number sides down. On a slate the performer now chalks, "THE TOTAL OP THE NUMBERS SELECTED WILL BE," explaining that a helpful spirit will write In chalk the total of the addition to be arrived at presently. Another slate is given spectator, he copying the numbers selected onto slate and adding them up. While this Is being done, the first slate is given another to hold.

The copying and adding being finished, the spectator holds his slate for all to see and note the total. The second spectator shows his slate but no spirit writing is yet to be seen. The performer takes it baok, saying something must have detained the spirit, and starts to erase the words. THEY ARE SEEN TO CHANGE TO NUMBERS OPENLY! Upon comparison with the first slate, EVERY ONE OP THE NUMBERS COINCIDE EXACTLY! And not only is the correct total revealed, but all figures of the addition check, so that both slates look alike 1

The basic principle of this is that used in "Before Your Eyes" (Jinx No. 32). This presentation is good either for a repeat show, or a place where playing cards are not suitable. The cards are of white drawing board, playing card size. About 30 or 40 can be used. With bold strokes of blaok India ink the numbers are made. Use numbers from 100 to 1999, making more of the "thousand" cards than "hundred," it being in keeping with the effect.

The five cards responsible for the effect are forced. In order from the top down they read: 742, 1072, 1712, 1315, and 1272. When added, the numbers total 6113. The five cards are on top to start and left in place during shuffle. The pack is shown with numbers toward audience. In squaring the cards, the top 6 or 7 are held by left hand while the right turns the rest "face down" on them. Advance on spectator with pack In left hand and have him lift off some cards. As you ask if he cut at any point he wished, the misdirection allows you to turn over packet In hand and then the top five are taken. That's the force.

For the slate preparation print, the words on as shown to cover the entire side of one slate. Make the downstroke of all "E1 s™ slightly curved — also the "L" of the word "total." The "S" In the word "numbers" is made to resemble a "5" and is unnoticed with the rest of the letters. The "W" In the last line is curved and looped so that the first part of it looks like a "6".

Letters and parts of letters are now erased to leave the figures as in the second sketch. These numbers are gone over with white paint. Before presenting, fill in the letters and parts of letters of the original message and cover all with a flap.

This slate, together with an unprepared one, the deck of curds, chalk and a soft eraaing cloth are on your table to start.

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