Pick up slate showing both sides. On the flap 3lde print words as in the first illustration. Then lay the slate on table writing side down, and pick up the cards. Go into patter theme and force the ten of hearts.Use the method which you do the best. If you can't force one pasteboard it may be better if you try another profession or hobby. (There's a book out with 202 methods of forcing. Ed.) The spectator keeps the card, and you pick up the slate, LEAVING THE FLAP ON TABLE. The message appears the same as when it was written and shown at the start.

Thusly you put forth a striking finish which is a complete surprise as well as mystery.

All that you need for this trick is one slate with a flap,and a deck of cards.


You apparently realise that there is no more room for writing, so pick cloth up and erase. The chalked in letters disappear, and those that remain are the ones that spell a card's name. And the card spelled is that which was selected.

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