Orville W Meyer

Page 787

the cards out in three's — that is — to three persons sitting together. The first gets a song list, the second gets the special card, and the third gets another song list. Thus the two on the outside will be looking over their lists while the center man can read his card unobserved.

The rest of the procedure is obvious. Go to one of the three persons, apparently at random, and taking the card from him ask if he has chosen one of the listed songs. Ask him to concentrate upon the tune. The pianist starts playing and the spectator admits "That's it." This is repeated with the persons holding the other two fake lists.

Plenty of magicians win shed bitter tears over the. thought of such barefaced "cheating." But I'm certainly far from the first to use this impromptu confederate gag. And when 297 persons (including the pianist) out of 300 are completely baffled, why worry? You'll be lucky if your sleight-of-hand tricks make such a scoreTJ

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