hypnosthisla niwon hau

Removing from his finger an odd appearing ring the performer states that It has a peculiar occult power and originally was a valued possession of the famed Merlin. It seems that after looking at the ring, a person sees the last object with which the ring came in contact, no matter what actually is held be fore him. The performer offers to demonstrate this uncanny situation.

A spectator is asked forward to act as a ous-todian of the truth, a. pack of cards is mixed, spread across table faces down and the spectator freely pushes out any one. The performer then touches the back of this card with the ring for a second, whereupon the card, without its face being seen, is dropped into a silver box and held by the assistant.

The performer now advances upon the audience and has a person gaze at the ring for a moment. This person then selects a card from the fanned pack, notes it, and replaces.

A second spectator is approached and allowed to look at ring. The deck is then riffled, he says, "Stop," and notes the card at that place.

The third person looks at ring, and then cuts the deck at any place. He looks at card and the performer puts it directly into his own pocket.

The performer now returns and gives deck to the assistant holding the box. Each of the three audience spectators is asked to stand and name the card he selected and looked at. ALL THREE SAY THE THREE OF SPADES.

Calling attention to the fact that it could hardly be a coincidence that all three should look at the three of spades, and that they actually didn't, the performer explains that the ring has caused them to think they did. Performer lets third man reach into his (performer's) pocket and remove card which proves to be a totally different one. Then he tells them that if all three men thought they saw the three of spades, that must have been the last thing that was touched by the ring. JUid the last object touched by the ring was the card that was put in the silver box and has been guarded by the custodian of the truth. This assistant looks over the deck and states that there is no three of

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