Rather a nightmarish effect is this, it going slightly beyond the pale of things. It is the only feat of its kind, to our knowledge, in which the materials used never leave the possession of the spectator, and at no time is he approached by the performer.

A pad, pencil, and envelope are put before spectator. He thinks of someone who is dead and unknown to the performer. Another spectator now turns off the light, and with the magician in the corner of the room,.the first person prints, on the pad, the name of the thought of person. He then tears off the written on sheet, rolls it into a ball, seal it in envelope, and holds it to his forehead. After due concentration, the performer, although he has never left the corner of the room, successfully spells out the name in questionI I

Requirements: A pencil, two small pads about the size of a playing card, a pay envelope, a fountain pen flashlight, and a small piece of carbon paper called "Auto-copy" and obtainable at Woolworth's. "Auto-copy" is a new Idea In which the paper itself takes the impression.

To prepare, cut a piece of "Auto-copy" the width of one pad, but a trifle shorter. Attach a 20 foot length of black silk thread to the upper right corner of the ".auto-copy by paste-ing a small sticker over thread onto paper. The "Auto-copy" is placed under top sheet of pad. Prepared pad is placed in upper left vest pocket with thread tucked In loosely beside It, and free end tied to one of the vest buttons. Wrap a small piece of red cloth around end of pen flashlight. Tie tightly, and have cloth of a quality that only a red glow comes through. Put this in inside coat pocket. The unprepared pad, pencil, and envelope are placed before the spectator on a small table, pad upper right corner being towards part of room where magician is about to retire.

When lights are out, magician removes prepared pad from pocket with a few feet of thread. He picks up the articles on table one at a time and replaces them, telling spectator he had better leave them as is so they won t be knocked off table. In so doing, the prepared pad is put down in place of the ordinary one. kagician now goes to his corner of roon, letting out thread so it will lie along floor.

After spectator has printed his name that he thought of, he Is told to tear sheet from pad and roll it Into a ball between his hands. This is an important point as it not only keeps both his hands occupied, but also makes sufficient noise to cover any possible sound produced as the performer, from his corner position, draws the "Auto-copy" towards himself by means of the thread.

During this time, the performer may keep talking and direot the spectator in sealing the paper inside the envelope, and then holding It to his forehead. In the meantime, he has secured the "Auto-copy", turned his back so as to face the corner as closely as possible, removed the pen flashlight, and in a space of about five seconds learns the thought of name 11 He now finishes by spelling it out correctly, and stays in his place until the lights are on and everything is checked, he, of course, having done away with his apparatus of charatanism. In closing, it can only be 3ald, and it's a truly old saying too, that the effect should not be confused with the method. Just give it one or two fair trials!

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