It's an old effect. It's an old trick. It's still fundamentally sound, however, and all that it has needed was a little "detail- which would throw off the scent those who had learned the principle from cheap books and throwaways.

How many times have you, you and you performed a card trick only to have someone grab the deck and feel for "strippers?" Even though the trick performed couldn't possibly have been done by using that principle. This new (to print) angle is a perfect disguise for the effect wherein a column of five figure numbers i3 added and results in a total predestined by the performer.

It U3ed to be done by 9's. It still is done by 9's but in such a subtle manner that mathematicians will worry and ordinary magicians will not be close to the answer when they try to check on the 9 principle. The magician shows a slate or pad and asks for a row of five figures. A 2nd line is asked for and written under-(continued on page 454)

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