and call it aloud. The performer takes back the two slates and shows the inside surface of one. On lb is a large and heavy chalked signature of that ruler. Stating that he will go a bit further, the performer announces that he has not only secured the signature from a ghostly land, but has also managed to get a picture of the ruler as he is to-day. Turning the other slate, he shows a large chalked picture of a skull!

Practically everything used is everyday knowledge to magicians. The two slates have a common and not too tight flap. The signature of, say the tenth king, Alexander, is written on the one side of flap. The skull is drawn on Inside of one slate. Cover with flap and mark the frame on other side so you know later which is which. Set blank playing cards from yoctr nearest dealer and make two sets of i8 cards each, according to the list of rulers and countries. Now make an ixtra card for the tenth name, Alexander II of

On the back of the display board is fastened a simple chair back servants used for cards and in every magical catalogue, a small bag has Just above It a clip in which is resting one of the 18 card packets arranged from back to face EX┬╗ ACTLX the same as the list of names on board from top to bottom. The board is plaoed in front of a chair, resting on floor. The extra card is put in performer's right trouser pocket. The other 18 card packet is with slates. Two bands are at hand.

Attention is called to the list and the story told of the apparently gruesome curse. The two slates are shown casually, placed together and fastened with the two bands. Two people assist in holding them. Two more sprectators help. One is given the packet of oards to read a few aloud and shuffle well. The performer takes them baok in left Hand as he asks the other person to stand near the board and touch the names. In ex> plaining this part, the performer picks up the board with left hand at jbop and the packet goes out 6f sight for a second with thumb in front. It drops in bag and fingers grasp the substitute deck as the board is picked up and plaoed on chair seat against baok. The switch to arranged deck is perfect and most natural, ihe man having been told how to point, the other is given baok his deok. No matter where the first man stops in his pointing, the second must be at the same name with his oards. As this is being done you secure the card from pocket. When man stops pointing, take remaining packet from second man while he turns over his last dealt card. Add the foroe card to top of this packet, and after this part of the effect, hand packet baok and ask him to turn over the next card and call it out.

Take the two slates baok. Remove bands and hold flat with marked side upward. Remove lower slate (with flap) and show the correct signature* Lay aside, and talk for a moment about the getting of a picture as the ruler is to-day. Then you can freely turn the other slate up and show the skull. I think you'll find you have something

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