Methods of Improvement over old procedures persist In popping up. Dr. Daley has gone far in making, the forecast of a sum total as positive as present thought allows. Surely there is no loophole in the following for a spectator to locate. It is as fair as the genuine could be.

The effect Is practically the same as of old. Pour people are asked to stand and think of a three figure number. The performer looks at each in turn and writes something on his Side of an ordinary slate. He draws a line, is seen to be adding columns and putting down figures, and then erases the upper half of slate. He puts down slate without showing, and makes the solemn announcement that he has read the mind of each, added the numbers, and now has the correct total left on slate. Plrst, though, he asks for a checkup. With a banded packet of blank cards he passes to each of the four and has him jot down the thought of number, one go* ing under the other. The problem is given another to add. THIS SPECTATOR CALLS THE TOTAL ALOUDI Then, as an afterthought the performer passes by the original thinkers, asking them to check the figures they wrote, AND ALSO CALL ALOUD THE TOTAL. In short, the total is actually called aloud five times, DURING WHICH PERIOD THE ORIOINAL WRITTEN DOWN NUMBERS ARE RECHECKEDI Returning to the front, the performer says, "When I looked at each of yon, I read your thoughts, wrote them down, added them up, and now, in absolute proof of that assertion which I made before, I W «*■"

as exactly the same!" And he does!

Impossible as this may sound, the convincing details, which not alone supress the truly wise fellow but tend to build the total up in the minds of the audience for a climax by the performer, are accomplished by a most clever subtlety.

Snap a rubber bad around the end of a packet of five or six blank cards. On one side write your fake addition problem, simulating a different handwriting for each row. Draw a line but do not put down the total. Put it, Instead, on the frame of your slate. To perform, you need only this packet, the slate, a pencil, and lastly, a thumb writer gimic In place. Follow the effect as given for the first part. When slate has been placed on table after affecting the writing and adding, and erasing everything but the total, which is that of your fake addition, take thQ packet from pocket and pass to the standing people. Give each the pencil and hold pad in your hand while he writes his number. It is needless to say they write on the other and blank side of the packet, and it is then turned over in the one hand as you pass to another for adding. He adds while you still hold, and THEN CALLS THE TOTAL ALOUD.

At this time you step to the front and remark that each has written his number, another has added, and the total obtained Is----. AS YOU


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