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Very often a magician tells his audience that he'll teach them a trick, and then proceeds to turn the tables on his watchers leaving them to feel very foolish. However, this time, I'll really teach you a trick - honest to goodness -and for that purpose have purchased a funny deck, one in which all of the cards are the same, all 10's of Hearts. With such a deck it is very hard to go wrong, because it becomes impossible to miss unless Unless you happen to lose the deck in the middle of the trick."

"if I were to ask you to take a card, look at It, and put it back, and then shuffle the cards a bit, I wouldn't have much trouble in finding your card, or one that looks a lot like it. I could even put the cards in my pocket and then reach in and pull it out. I couldn't miss."

"I could stand before you and shuffle along through them; you could tell me to stop now, or now, or now, and without looking I would always know what the card was you were looking at."

"To go further I might even tell you beforehand what card you were going to get. Here Is a piece of paper. On it I'll write the name of a card. You know, of course, because I'm showing you a great secret, that I'm writing the 10 of Hearts. (Show it openly to those close enough.) We shall fold it, have you initial the paper, sir, and keep it safely in your pocket. Now, from the deck, I deal four cards face down and ask that one be chosen freely. You know I don't care. Just name a number between 1 and 4 to make it extremely fair. And this chosen card we'll push away from the others."

"Now I have you read aloud to everyone the prophecy on the paper. What does it say? What? The TOO OF CLUBSI Something's happened. That guardian spirit of mine always comes sneaking around to mess things up whenever I try to tell people how to do tricks. It's against ail ethics, you know. Here's that chosen card. You see, it IS the Two of Clubs I My spirit control won't let (continued on page 303)

(continued from page 293)

You, of course, are challenged, whereupon you raise "C," followed by "B," amidst shouts of "No! Nol the other one ." Here turn over "A" with the right hand, showing the inside; at the same time secretly pick up with the left hand two of the large balls from the servants. Then remark, "Surely, ladies and gentlemen, you don't Imagine for a moment that I should attempt to deceive you by such a mean expedient as this." Here you put the left hand with the two balls In the left pocket as if taking a ball from thence (this ruse keeps the secret of the receptacle at rear of table), really bringing out the two balls but allowing one only to be seen in the hand. And suiting the action to the word, press both balls into the cup - one falls out while the other remains, said the cup is replaced on the table apparently empty. Continue, "No! you may rest assured I never allow anyone to see me pass anything under the cups." The visible ball is now apparently placed in the left hand, really palmed in right hand which drops it on servants, after whiph the three cups are once more raised that they may be seen to be empty, being replaced with sufficient force to dislodge the balls. The hands are now rubbed together over each cup in turn, being finally opened and shown empty. The cups are then raised revealing the three large balls.

3.- To Transform the Large Cloth Balls to Potatoes.- This effect may follow that last described, or the "Multiplication Pass," at the desire of the performer. In either case and before discovering the balls already under the cups, he stands momentarily, at ease with his hands in his trousers pockets, secretly obtaining from thence a couple of potatoes in each hand.

"C" is then raised with the right hand, and while all attention is drawn to the ball thus discovered, the cup is allowed to tilt forward so that its opening is brought just under the two potatoes in the hand, one of which is then secretly dropped into It. The cup is then swung upwards and replaced on the table, presumably empty.

In like manner, the potato remaining in the right hand Is secretly loaded into "B," followed by the two In the left hand Into "A."

Here the performer again assumes an air of indifference, standing momentarily with hands in trousers pockets.and once more securing a couple of potatoe s in each hand. He now raises the cups In quick succession, when the surprise created by the appearance of the four potatoes affords ample opportunity for again loading the. cups in exactly the same manner. The trick is then conconcluded by discovering under the cups the four potatoes Just Introduced, making eight In all.

N.B.- The above is probably the best and smartest known method of presenting this phase of the trick; it Is certainly far superior to any effect that can be obtained by the employment of the servante at the rear of the table. The production nay, of course, be continued ad lib., employing the servante and various pockets, until the table

Pace is strewn with all kinds of objects, including Spanish onions too large to be contained within the cups; such objects are simply held momentarily against the mouth of the cup, concealed behind the fingers, then dropped with a slight shake, Indicating a tight fit.

Mr. Montague Leslie, and exceptionally clever performer with the Cups and Balls, recently gave me a demonstration with the small cork balls, finishing with the production of the eight potatoes as above described. Leslie invaribly employs the ordinary palm, Irrespective of the size of the object and which is inserted directly into the cup by an Imperceptible forward Jerk In the act of replacing it on the table; or by allowing the cup to tilt forward In the hand so that the object may be dropped directly Into it from the palm as above described. And I think it will be interesting to many of my readers to know that a cup, loaded by the latter method, with one of the small cork balls, may be tossed in the air, making one complete turn as In Juggling, caught again in the hand and replaced on the table without the least fear of the presence of the ball being detected. The beauty of the sleight is that the palm of the hand is 3een to be empty practically the whole of the time - cleverly executed It will deceive a conjurer - the effect is truly magical and adds a new interest to the oldtime trick.

4.- WITH THREE SMALL CORK BALLS AND THREE DUPLICATES.- This pass is arranged to lead up to the one that follows; it is, therefore, not out of order under this heading. It is specially designed for the purpose of leaving a duplicate ball under each of the three cups.

At the conclusion of the previous Pass, the one duplicate ball remains under "B." AJ.1 three cups are supposed to be empty and the Three Balls are lying openly on the table. Procedure as follows : -

I.- Seem to place one of the three balls under "C" (palming it), then command It to pass from "C" to "B."

II.- Raise "C" to show there Is no longer anything under it, secretly introducing the palmed ball.

III.- Raise "B" to show the ball has arrived (the duplicate), pick it up to show it, then seem to replace it under the same cup, palming it.

IV.- Raise "A" to show nothing under it, secretly introducing the palmed ball.

V.- Command the ball to pass from "B" to "A," meanwhile palming another, in the right hand, from the servante or pocket.

VI.- Raise "B" to show empty, secretly introducing the ball just palmed, meanwhile palming another from the pochette in the left hand.

VII.- Raise "A" with the left hand, take up the ball supposed to have passed into it from "B" and place it with the other two on the table. Then when replacing the cup secretly Introduce under it the ball from the palm. There is now a ball under each of the three cups.

5.- COMBINATION PASS WITH SPECIAL CUPS.- Two special cups are required, one to release three balls on pressure of a stud on the outside and the other fitted with vertical needles to Impale and pick up three balls.

At the conclusion of the above pass there remains, unknown to the spectators, a ball under each of the three ordinary cups. The original three balls are lying openly on table.

Take up the three visible balls and place them In your pocket. Raise cup with secret compartment to show nothing under It and, when re-(continued on page 303)

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