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World's Fair Officials Call Off Stunt Of Bullet Catcher Of Fort Erie Fame

Anneman, who performed the amazing feat it Fort Erie, hot allowed to repeat stunt at New York because he mm borrowed can, ballet«.

PORT ERIE, June 1— (Special)—J Became more^ insistent ^ that ^th*y Annemann of Bullet .Catching ""*'

fame at last year's Pitt Pair Poof Magicians Convention held here, was in the news again today. It seems that the Honorable and somewhat redoubtable Orover Whalen, the ringmaster of the New York World's Pair, had at last met his match.

It seems that in his search for new and novel ideas with which to entertain Fair Visitors Whalen and the Pair Officials heard about the performance of Annemann last Labor Day in Fort Erie when he caught a marked and Initialled bullet after it was shot from a modern, high powered riilefl In his teeth. Whalen Contacts Annemann

Here then was an idea for the Fair! A Day of Magic, the highlight of which was to be Anne-mann's performance of the Bullet Catching. And so after a great deal of research. Imagine the Fair's amazement to discover that Mr. Annemann was a resident of the fair city—whereupon they promptly communicated with him.

Annemann explained—as he told this reporter exclusively many months ago—that his performance of the Bullet Catching at the Piff Paff Poof Convention of Magicians was to be his last! And therefore he would not be interested.

However, the Fair officials felt that a Magic Day wis so new and novel that they persisted—and made Annemann some very tempting offers. At least he capitulated to their demands, but only after he was assured that the event would do magic and magicians some good, and to do this he insisted that • number of well known amateurs be brought to the Fair that day so thef could get their first break toy entertaining the visitors. All this wu agreed upon,

Then time went by and M May 28th approached—which wu the date agreed upon for Magic Day— —Annemann inquired whether or not the gun, bullets etc. were borrowed. "Why no," he wu told by officials, "we thought you brought your own trick gun and bullet»."

Refuse to Better*

Annemann, unbelieving at flr»t, tried to convince them that he used but genuine gun and bullaU They rafu—d to believe and by borrow everything required for the feat, the more worried they became. And so it came about that, at the last minute the officials wired Chief Andrew H. Griffin, Fort Erie Police Chief, and Bob Weill, Executive Director of the Plff Paff Poof, to find out for certain whether or not Annemann used borrowed gun and bullet: and under what conditions the feat had taken olace at Fort Erie.

Of course the details were immediately relayed to New York-how at that time the feat had been stopped temporarily but at the last minute, and because Annemann had previously performed the trick at Fort Erie, a waiver of responsibility on the part of the two had been signed which would absolve it from aO. blame In the event anything went wrong. This last precaution had to be taken at the request of the insurance company even though Chief Griffin and others had infinite faith in the ability of the magicians to carry out the feat successfully without danger to life and limb.

Stunt Called Off

And so it was that as the sun started to climb high into the sky on Magic Day. May 28, events ber gan shaping themselves into a new pattern. For when the Fair" Officials received this word in answer to their inquiries and further learn, «ed that Chief Griffin had borrowed both gun and bullets himself, that was the last straw 1 The event was cancelled immediately since they refused to be a party to anything so dangerous and "without evident trickepy."

And thus we find that Annemann did not break his promise made to this reporter 6 months ago—the feat did not go on. Magic Day at the Fair was not so magical —for the main attraction was suddenly missing by request. But sad-' dest of all. undoubtedly, were the' members of the Society of Ameri can Magicians, who hard on the heels of the announcement of Magic Day at the Fair swiftly moved their annual convention onto New York City. and promised, to supply the wteeesary magical acts from their rank* when they found themselves high and dry without their main attraqfcion and publicity stunt.

magazine, dated June 20, now on the stands, has a series of pics on that "hoodoo" tricks of magic. 1Tis said it's the first time that mag has run such an article without an exposes —-In the May "TOPS" John Braun mentions the 19th century Ingle-by conjuring a card under a lady's garter, adding "Rather bold method, don't you think?" We really don't know, John. What method did he use? We've al^o seen it in print and had letters to the effect that a magician who uses a plant is not a gentleman. But if the magus didn't nor doesn't use a plant in this case, how COULD or CAN he be a gentleman? —-

Bill Lars en added a new touch to "Psyc home try" ,(Jinx No. 9) by getting away from personal objects and articles being put in the envelopes. Instead he has the subjects write month and day of birth on a card and seal. Nothing else. He then follows through giving each an astrological reading, a personal horoscope, before he returns card to him, remarking rt---and you were born May twenty first were you not?" Thank you, Bill.

--- Doc Tarbell's "agent's" circular letter to propective clients reads, after & blurb on "eyeless vision" ---"Don't associate this unique performance with the usual trite "Mind-Reading" act. He works alone." Well, Dunninger was working alone when the good Doctor still was advertising himself as a

"naprapath." --- Nerviest magician:- Laurie Ireland, when in

N.Y.C. recently, borrowed quarters and dimes, and then demonstrated "sleeving" over subway gratings. --- Clayton Rawson's

"Miracles For Sale" (Death From a Top Hat) MGM cast has been announced to include Robert Young, Florence Rice, Henry Hull. His latest "Footprints On The Ceiling" went into its second edition three days before the publication date of the first!

---S.A.M. Parent Ass^ibly 1933-39 award for presentation went to L. Vosburgh Lyons for "Mental Rescue" (Jinx No. 55) and for originality to Dr. Jacob Daley, whose Cup and Ball technique ranks too high for words. Maybe the j,udges looked crosseyed?

--- John Mulholland recently was announced at a luncheon as a student of magical history and lore. We're sorry, but page 70 of the May Sphinx, and from the Danish Magic Cirkle President, no less, carried our own Eyepopper effect move for move as advertised and sold aplenty through The Sphinx back In 19291 ---

Tess Holden thought their Philadelphia store looked so good she talked Max into completely revamping with fixtures, cases and pictures, the New York store. The Boston place has also sot another room to take care of business and building. What depression or recession? --- No news yet on those baby prophecies of last month. Well, Dick and Clayt, if we miss it this time, we'll just try again!

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