Neck Fright

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JFf"^ tho not in the spot of "weakest resistance", puts it around in back his neck and pulls it (but gently) back and forth a few times as the two ends hang down in front. He proceeds to tie the knots, but not too tightly. A little slack must be left. As the tieing is finished, the loose ends are one in each hand. The right hand transfers its end to the left hand but in doing so snaps the ends together and this is covered in the left hand which apparently holds the loose ends.

The right hand reaches up, and with thumb underneath and fingers on top of the knots gives the rope a quick pull - a hard pull. The right travels all the •■■ray down to the knee with the rope now held by that hand only. It is now displayed with both hands holding a loose end and then balled up and dropped back into the pocket as performer says he can easily explain how such an event happened. He describes, using his now free hands, how the rope was tied around the neck, pulled, and pulled, and how the neck continued to get smaller and smaller. Finally there was but one thing left — the Adam's Apple. Things were simple then for it was only necessary to lift the rope over the Apple and it was free.

The performer continues that a lot of people don't think that's a lie, but it is. In regards to the knots that you tie into the rope when you have it around your neck, (and here you take out a duplicate rope from the pocket, untie the knots as you are talking) the first one you tie like this, the next one like this, and when no one is looking you place this end thru < here, this end thru here, and look! There's KNOTTING to it. The rope then is tossed out. This last bit is the old figure 8 knot so many times in magic books.It makes a nice display vanishing knot and serves a purpose here.

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We, too, like the Mulholland definition of "exposing" as per Larsen's quote in the Dec. Genii, but remind that for years and years the big societies have always had a battle when one of the members slipped a bit. At such a time there has been raised the question "What is an expose?" and to date, to our knowledge, no society has incorporated in itB by-laws a definition of what they mean by saying, "No member shall expose, ---." Walter Gibson once wrote, "A puzzle is a problem in which the answer must be given in order to make it effective. A trick is any puzzle or diversion which is still effective even though the answer or secret is never revealed." Thus even puzzles can be classed as tricks whfen they are effective and mystifying without showing the process. And to requote ourself, "An expose takes place when there ie an unnecessary revelation of the method by which a puzzling or mystifying occurence has been accomplished." Once some such definition is officially definite, a lot of pussyfooting will have been stopped.

Walter Wanger, moviedom's gift to magic,(the kind of gift you'd like to exchange) has written that exposures will make magi invent new tricks. That's O.K. as it stands, but when it starts to walk, it limps. Our principles of trickery are what suffer, one principle being.worth a hundred effects. We can get new effects but we can't as easily get new principles. But our main quarrel with that idea is that there is being steadily implanted in the minds of the public that magic is not only not mysterious, but not even scientific or difficult. We'll grant that people today won't believe a magus is supernatural,(even if Gene Gordon aid barely escape massacre when, in southern Pennsylvania, he had a woman come forward to assist him. The irate son broke up the proceedings, yelling, "You can't hex ma!") but when he fools and bewilders them over and over they DO give him credit for both a lot of prodigious skill and a great knowledge of complicated and scientific details. Can you imagine a layman considering ingenious a length of elastic with a toy rubber ball, like he used as a kid and one of which he just bought the babyl Can you expect him to think very scientific a piece of screening stuck into a milk bottle, as he immediately recalls the trouble of putting such stuff over the windows in the spring ana removing the screen doors in the fall?

Such comment was the gist of most letters received regarding Holden's "It's A Fake" article which we discussed in Jinx. No. 66. It's bad enough when people learn HOW things are done without the necessity of them realising at the same time that tricks are simple and a matter of a $1 or so to buy the gimmick.

A1 Baker is tempted to ask, when on an engagement and getting a few requisites, for a pitcher of water, a glass, a small table, AND A THUMB TIP. —- Collector's item: There is only one copy of Vol.l-No.5 of The Magic World known to exist. Dr. Pierce had the magazine printed in a western state. That issue was sent towards Philadelphia but it never arrived. One copy was mailed ahead to the Doctor. The next month he issued a Vol.l-Nos.5 and 6 number, the only time The I'agic World doubled up on an issue. It is supposed that the original No.5 copy stayed in Pierce's own file. Rullman had it but doesn't know who bought it from him. Someone had better check up. They may have a truly rare item.

An ad in the New Yorker mag reminds of Fred Keating's original witticism. "—and I shall seal the envelope in an unsanitary manner." A Springfield, Mass. concern is making "Self-Seal Envelope" for the "discriminating" people who believe that the place for the tongue is in the mouth. Just turn the lower flap up and the upper flap down on it witn ordinary pressure. Magicians have been using this rubber cement dodge for three or four years to seal and envelope in the pocket after inserting a card or message, but no one, it seems, was smart enough to see commercial possibilities in it. --- And again.

Out in Ohio they recently had a "ghost basketball" game. The game which, UP states, was conceived and copyrighted by Denzil Potts, Sup't. of the Ripley Schools, was played in total darkness, but the suits of the players, referee, ball, baskets and sideline markings were visible to all. The "spiritual" effect was made by swabbing the objects mentioned with a fluorescent paint. We wonder what kind of a reception will be afforded the next Ghost Show that plays Ripley, Ohio. Someone is liable to toss a basketball at the nearest spook. But hard!

We are in the throes of checking back all available sources for the knowledge to date, but so far as we have gone The Jinx can safely lay claim to having more of its published tricks used in dealer's catalogues and made up for sale over dealer's counters than any other magical publication. Many give credit to the sheet, some credit the original inventor, and a few do not credit anyone. All, however, have one thing in common. They don't change the titlesl Even

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our flat rabbit "gag" first printed In Jinx No. 57 and privately sold by us two years before to several performer hit the counters. Only one dealer had our permission to manufacture it for sale, U.F. Grant. For those who came late, and not to plug a sale of a back number, a flat rabbit is made of cardboard,-covered with a fuzzy white cloth and hung inside the coat. Throw a foulard over the arm, ask for something a magician should produce. Rabbit gets the call from someone always. Pull it out, look at it in awe, and exclaim, "I left it in the suit when I had it pressed!" Excuse the personal blurbing, but we do it seldom and this researching as mentioned is getting us excited at its scope.

Liberty, for Dec. 9, gave a lot of publicity to the erstwhile E. of C.T. pirate in that week's installment of "The Lid Off Los Angeles." It's quite terrific and makes the use of paper and machines for the publication of that monumental tome a mere bagatelle by comparison. When we once threatened to punch him in the nose we little realised the types of people within speaking distance. Boy, page those bullet-proof vest salesmen! --- Several people have written re "No Pain" in issue No. 59 and the muskrat trap sequence. We described it correctly. Just count 3 and do it quickly. After the first time you'll wonder why you worried. -— And that leaves just space enough to wish you all a very Merry Michaelmas from the bottom of both our heart and trick bag. ¿ffT^^

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