National Council

W. J. ARKNHOLZ ai wiLiauaHBY itmi

Mr. T. Annemann Waverly, Hew York

March 13, 1941

Dear Ted;

Good businessmen look ahead and into any contract they contemplate signing. They want to know just what to expect, quality, price, etc.. And so, when the National Officers of the S.A.M. took up the matter of the contract for 1941-42 of designating the official publication for M.U.M. a comnittee waB appointed to report back to the National Council with definite reconmendations.

Hie recommendations were discussed by the council and action taken which eventually brought about a condition whereby "The Genii" and "The Sphinx", two independent magic magazines, entered bide for the contract.

While the natter was pending certain items presented themselves to the National Officers involved in handling the prospective contract, and they were tendered to the two publications in the form of suggestions, with the request that "should any of the above suggestions prove unacceptable, please give us full reasons, so that the officers can cover the situation thoroughly at the !larch meeting."

Hie Sphinx replied, "Due to the fact that several of the conditions listed do not agree with those which the Board of Directors of The Sphinx have advised me to follow in conducting the business of The Sphinx, I brought this matter to their attention today. They asked me to give you the following reply»

"As The Sphinx is a non-profit making concern, and as the dealings between The Sphinx and Hie Society of American Magicians are likewise on a non-profit basis, we are not In a position to change the office rou tine and employ additional help in order to comply with the various reQuests of the Society, as listed in your letter. Hie terms of the signed contract for 1940-41 were and are in compliance with the instructions of the Board. We regret that we are not in a position to offer any other arrangement to the Society."

Genii replied, "He have studied all eight points very carefully and are entirely willing and able to incorporate all eight in our bid for II.U.II. and in any contract that may be entered into with The Society of American Magicians regarding the publication of M.U.M. when, and if, our bid is accepted.

"We hereby, by reference to your letter of February IS, 1941 incorporate all eight points suggested therein in our bid and do herewith bind ourselves to adhere strictly to all eight points when, and if, the bid of Genii for the publication of M.U.M. is accepted.

"The points contained in your letter present no obstacles at all and «re not in the least objectionable. They merely represent sound business."

Contracts are made between two people, societies, publications, etc., and both parties have something to say as to what shall or shall not go into a contract they enter into. But THE BUYER, NOT THE SELLER has the privilege of accepting or rejecting any or all contracts or clauses in ease.

Upon presentation, the National Council voted to enter into a contract for 48 pages yearly and the incorporation of the suggested eight

?ointa, with The Sphinx publication being given the opportunity of enter-ng a Did on same within the next seven days.

Hie Sphinx was invited to enter a bid but did not choose to do •o and therefore the bid for H.U.H. of Genii was accepted as per National Council authority.

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