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auite a few magicians have uaed thla old time effeot, but at present it seems to have died out. The usual method has been for a faked plate to be used, but this method is simplicity itself, the plate and newspaper being unprepared.

A common soup plate is shown together with a sheet of ordinary newspaper. The paper is put on the table and the plate placed on it with the eating side down. One or two handkerchiefs are now shown and vanished by any favorite means or appliance. Upon the plate being lifted, the handkerchiefs are found underneath.

Dependent heretofore upon a soup plate with apeclal flap, this maneuvre will find favor with non-apparatus magicians. It is simply a olever steal of the load from behind the table upon which you are working. The only gimmick necessary is made in a few minutes from two paper clips and a thumb tack. Chain the two clips together so that the double loops (the end paper goes in) are away from each other* The thumb tack is used to tack one of the clips to the back of the table so that the other clip hang« free. Of course, duplicate hanks are used, one or two (if two are used have them small slse) of which are folded and placed In the free paper clip.

Show soup plate and plaoe It on table facedown, protruding about two Inches to the rear of the table over the hank. Show the newspaper, and holding it spread out in the left hand, reaoh for the plate with the right hand. Here Is the Important move. Grasp the plate with thumb on top, the first finger underneath, and these two fingers hold plate while the other fingers grab the handkerchief. Poll the plate off table to-(continued on page 224)

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ward« the rear, letting it swing down baok towards audlenoe, safely masking the handkerchief which la clipped behind plate with other fingers. Spread the paper on table and place the plate faoe down, being careful to put front edge down first so as not to expose the silk.

All is now done except for the vanish of tho silks, and for olose up parlor work this Method will be found very nice beoause anyone stay be asked to lift the plate at the finish as there is nothing wrong with either plate, paper, or tho handkerchief.

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