My Own Swam I Test


Prophecy, in the form of what has become known as "The Sw&mi Test", since Claude Alexander first made magicians "Swami" concious back around 1S20, has been a much experimented with, and much mangled effect in many an instance. I have filed exactly 16 variations and methods that have been marketed at prices from ¡¡¡>1 to $10. The following is my own method which is exactly twelve years old this month, and during that time I've certainly had ample opportunity to test it out under most of the possible conditions that will beset a club and close-up worker.

You use one small card, one small envelope, one pencil, and nothing else. Both card and envelope are examined and initialed. You write something on the card, seal in envelope, and put it in full view, it never leaving sight for as much as an instant. A number of three figures is called out, and someone else names any color. The mark on envelope is identified first, and then opened and card withdrawn. On the marked card, is found written the exact number and correct color, everything being left with audience at the finish.

Don't work too close to audience, but stand back about eight to ten feet. Have card and envelope examined and marked with pencil, which is about two and a half inches long. You take pencil and card back, pretending to write something on the card, but actually nothing, and then put pencil in right trouser pocket.

Hold the envelope in left hand, flap up, and address side towards spectators. Put the card into envelope, from spectator's point of view, but it really goes down behind envelope, being held by left thumb, and envelope is lifted to tongue and flap moistened. As the flap is bent down with right hand, the forefinger of left goes between end of card and envelope which allows flap to go down behind it, right thumb and forefinger being drawn back and forth across envelope, one on each side, to seal flap.

The envelope now is held between the two hands, thumbs of each hand at back holding card up against it and forefingers at front. Release the side held by right fingers, and left hand comes over towards wrist of right, leaving envelope and card in palm of right, the envelope still at front and hiding card. The right is now held out so envelope can be plainly seen for a second while talking. Left fingers and thumb now come back and pick up envelope at same end as before, bringing it out to same position as at first, between thumb and forefingers of both hand3, but in so doing, the card has been left in the right palm.

Try this, and it will at once be seen how easily the card stays in palm because of its stiffness. The left hand now holds envelope up in full view, while the right drops to right trouser pocket where the pencil is grabbed. iou now close in on the audience, getting as near as possible. Pick out one person to name a number, which you immediately scribble on the card in pocket as you look around for someone else who is asked to name a color. The moment it is.mentioned you start to write it on card under the number, but ask spectator why he chose that particular color, if it is his favorite, etc., in order to create a few second's stall.

Being close to spectators makes it more difficult for them to watch anything but your face and the envelope which you are holding out. They have to change their glance over too much space. When writing is done, step back to the front, bringing out the right hand Y.-ith palmed card and letting it rest on belt or at front of waist line for a minute as you mention that you wrote something on the sealed card before any person mentioned a number or color.

As you are saying this, bring envelope down and grasp between two hands as before, but only for a second, then bringing envelope into right palm as before, and mention is made that the envelope was initialed for identification. Nov/ take envelope from right palm as before, but this time the card is kept behind it. Grasp from the top with right thumb and fingers, and with the left hand, tear off left end of the envelope. Pinch this end with thumb and forefinger of left hand, and take this new grip with right; thumb at bottom, second and third fingers at top, and first ourled up at back holding card against envelope. Now the left forefinger goes into envelope while thumb goes behind, and the card is apparently withdrawn and given to nearest spectator for reading.

Just remember to keep talking when first putting card into envelope, and speak about "sealing the envelope" rather than talking about putting the card inside. They'll take that as natural. All moves are.done casually and they work smoothly once in your mind. Try it before the mirror, and once you have confidence, you'll just go ahead and do it without a thought.

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