My Card Sir I

How is this for an effect?

> You hand a man what you say TOM BOWYER

is your professional card. It is blank, so, naturally, he turns it over. The other side is blank also. Taking it from him momentarily you say, "No, here", turning the card over once more. The man then sees, printed across the surface, the words "SEE OTHER SIDE". So, of course, he sees the other side by turning the card over for the third time, and there, in print, is your name, business, (he should know by now) phone number, etc..

If any reader can suggest a "clean" method for this effect, I'd like to know it and am sure that Ted Annemann will pass it on to all. Meanwhile, here are some variations, all of which work and have stood me in good stead.

(1) From your case take a stack of business size cards. The top one's top surface is seen to be blank. You turn it over and this new side bears the words "SEE OTHER SIDE". Hand the ca-d directly to the gentleman, and he, upon turning it over, finds your printed professional details thereon.

The upmost card of the stack should be blank on both sides. The second card down is your professional card, face up, but on its back are printed the words "SEE OTHER SIDE". You merely make a double lift for the first turnover, and then hand out the top cardJ

(2) Again, the top card of a bunch you are holding is blank; but, upon turning it over, the words "SEE OTHER SIDE" are visible. Instead of handing out the card immediately, it is turned over again on the stack, when apparently the side first shown now is seen to have your professional data printed on it. The card now is handed out and, when examined, is found to be a regular business card with one side absolutely blank.

You need some blank cards, some regular business cards, and some cards with only the "SEE OTHER SIDE" words printed on them. The top card of the stack is blank, the next one down is a regular card, face up, and the third card from the top is the other printed one, its message facing down. Make a triple lift for the first turnover, then let the lowest card drop back upon the stack and do a double lift for the second turnover. The top card after all of the maneuvres is handed out.

(3) The top card of a stack showing blank, you turn it over, when the other side of the card is seen to bear the printed words "TURN ME OVER". (You fooled me that time. Ed.) You remark that you've already done just that, but you follow instructions and turn the card once more. This time it says, "DO IT AGAOT", so you hand it out to the spectator for him to finish the job (continued on page 756)

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