Model Promotion By Magic

Jutka J. Pnhnt (Mt) prW<W of On SkW) of AiMriua MafMam —4 Start*, Inc., N.w Yori, jmNs . prwiwtiwi trick at « racMt m4mwmt dyl. «how
Our favorite publicity picture this is->sue (gee cut) shows Julien 5. Proskauer, the president of Stunts, Inc., shooting tbe dress off of Miss Marian Semler, model, to introduce to the world a new brassiere known as "Ace of Hearts.*'

The top ploture «as in Advertising Age for April 19, 1937. The bottom ploture «as in Tide for May 1, 1937. All of which reminds one of the A.M.Wilson, M.D. quotation, "MAGIC IS All ART." The S.A.M. president is to be wildly oheered and salaamed for his originality In discovering a new field for magical publlolty.

When Howard Brooks walked off the floor of Cleveland's Hollenden Hotel nlte spot after a few minutes of back and forth heokling, he «as paid off on his two week contract. Then, because the agreement alao called for his keep. Brooks went on maglcdom's first ait-down strike and lived his time oat. When this appears he'll be on the high seas for London's Mayfalr Club. —See the movie "Find The Witness", it'» « murder story with the chief character doing an under water burial when the crime is cosmitted. —Tip to Mrs. Bill Larson, who runs the Genii woman's pege. Serve flat sise mounds of cold chow me in or chop suey (any type) «hen a late snack is in order, and you're tired. I know it sounds revolutionary, but, like the Jinx Zipper concoction, it has been tested.

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