Based on a clever gambler's sleight is this effect wherein a chosen card appears at any number in the pack selected by spectator. Have one chosen freely, returned, and bring it to the top. Now ask the spectator how far down In pack he would like to have his card appear. Let us say It is eighteen. Hold pack In left hand and draw off the cards one at a time with the right, coionting out loud a3 you do so until you reach seventeen and transfer these to the bottom of deck. This leaves the eighteenth card on top and the selected card on bottom. Moisten the right forefinger and draw off the eighteenth card between the first and second fingers, immediately placing the deck between thumb and forefinger of right hand and tossing it onto the table. With the deck you let go the card you have clipped between the fingers. The weight of deck causes bottom card to remain on index finger where it is immediately clipped by thumb. Ask spectator to name his card and turn it over.

Of course, you can get the same effect with a Svengall deck, but that would be cheating!

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The Jinx is an independent monthly for magicians published by Theo. Annemann of Waverly, N.Y., U.S.A. It can be obtained direct or through any magical depot for 25 cents a copy, and by subscrip-. tion is $1 for 5 issues postpaid I to any address in the world. \ I

JINX No. 10 contained the first mention in periodicals for magi of extra sensory perception, that much discussed emotion of present day del-vers Into the realm of mental gymnastics. However, insofar as I have been able to discover, magicians taking advantage of the Rhine publicity by using the symbol cards In their presentations becloud the issue by using the cards like an ordinary bridge deck, and complicate things with sleights and intricate patterns of effect for which the original designs were never Intended. Over two years ago I made up a set for my own amazement, and used them only at times when someone would mention the Duke experiments, asking If I were following the testa.

To-day the subject and the cards have become fairly well known, said the excuse to bring them into play is apparent. However, I find that for those not conversant with the matter, as little as possible being done is sufficient. And for those who know about them to any extent, only one or two simple tests will suffice BECAUSE SUCH PERSONS LOOK UPON IT AS GENUINE TELEPATHY, KNOW THAT LABORATORY TESTS HAVE NOT GONE PAR, AND TOO MUCH PROM THE PERFORMER CAUSES THEM TO SUSPECT CHICANERY. The bland statement from the magus that he has a deck of the symbol cards which anyone may secure, and that he has been testing himself with a noticeable degree of success, Is plenty. This is all the more logical when done by an out and out magician who openly does tricks, rather than a "mentalist" or "mind-reader" who is supposed to do it well anyway.

As presented here, there is nothing much new in the secrets. The application of symbols to two of my oldest card ideas will, however, make it possible for many to put the principles into active and profitable use, instead of letting the material lie dormant in a forgotten book.

ESP cards can be bought at most large bookstores, or secured from Zenith radio dealers at very little cost. Some give them away. Secure two decks, only one of which is used openly. To prepare, take 5 Stars from one deck and discard the rest. Put 4 of these face outward under your belt In the back, letting half protrude. From the deck you will use take one each of the

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5 designs (pictured above), and with the Star at face put this packet into Inside coat pocket. Put the extra Star card into the deck.

"It has become public knowledge that for the last three years, universities all over the world have been experimenting and testing the little known powers of the mind. Professor J.B. Rhine of Duke has gone further than the rest, however, by a systematic recording of several million tests, using as a base a set of 26 symbol cards; cards bearing only 5 different designs and repeated 5 times. These designs were selected for their difference from each other, and the experiments Involving their use have been termed extra sensory perception. This tena is rather all embracing and does not mean telepathy or mindreading in itself. Those are but the more commonly given explanations. Extra sensory perception merely indicates and searches for a sense outside of those which all of us normally have. I want to try several short tests with these Cards, in an attempt to prove that there is something beyond all that we know. What it is, and why it Is, can only be left to your own Judgement."

That diacourse can be the ice-breaker. Take deck from case, and openly show it, naming the 5 designs. Say that you will use the S different symbols, and hand cards to someone for their removal. Take these, fanning them and noting the order remembered, Just arrange them as you show them. Holding the fan face outward, stand before a spectator and ask him to look them over well and finally settle his mind on but one card. He is to think of the design as a mental picture rather than as a

Square cards face down in left hand. Both hands go behind back. The packet Is transfered to right fingers and thumb, and the left hand secures the four belted cards face down in the palm. Saying only, "You are thinking of a symbol. I shall remove one card," bring right hand around with its squared packet (as If one card) and put it in right trouaer poqket. Saying, "One from five leaves four," bring left hand to front and deal them singly face down onto (turn baok to page 285)

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