Not to belittle that classic, the coin in a nest of boxes, I offer a new slant on the discovery of money inside a ball of wool. You need:- two Bayer aspirin tablet boxes, two aspirin tablets, a twenty-five cent piece, two 3-inch squares of newspaper, and a ball of woolen yarn which, when loosely rolled, will result in a ball about 4 inches in diameter. And if you don't carry such a thing, ask your host or hostess for a clear glass bowl or deep dish to easily accomodate the balled yarn.

Beforehand put one of the aspirin boxes containing one tablet in your left trousers pocket. Fold one of the newspaper squares as if a coin were inside and stow that alonside the box in the same pocket. The other box, also with a tablet inside, is rolled up into the ball of yarn. The coin is in your right trouser pocket. That's all.Simple?

With the ball of wool in its receptacle, and the remaining piece of newspaper beside it, ask that a spectator loan a quarter for the purpose of mystification. Ask him to mark it so that no trickery can be afoot. Your right hand secures the coin you have, and your left hand picks up the piece of paper. Approach the spectator and let him give you the coin in your left hand. Move to your right towards another person. Your right hand apparently takes the coin and paper from left hand but actually it takes only the paper. Then the paper and coin (your money) is given this new assistant with the request that he wrap it up inside and hold it for a while.

Turning back to your table you pick up the bowl with yarn (right hand). Give it to the donor of the coin. Take the end of the ball of yarn and pull it out so as to give this end to a third person somewhere between the two help-

ers you have already. Ask this new party to wind up the yarn. Ask the man with the bowl, and the audience too, to note especially what is inside.

During this not so long interval your left hand with finger-palmed coin goes to left trousers pocket where it puts coin in box and closes lid. (We've mentioned Bayer brand of aspirin because recently they started making them so that they can be opened readily with simply a pinch at the hinge side. However, any flat 1-dozen size container of this sort will work if left open in pocket)

As the last of the yarn is drawn out the box previously put inside clatters out. The man with the bowl is asked to say what it is. He opens it and remarks that inside is a headache tablet.

In the meantime you, having left finger palmed the now closed box from pocket, step to the man who has wound out the yarn, pick up

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