Mitchell Dyszel

Fig. 1 Hold bill with Washington's head facing you.

Pig. 2 Fold bill in half by bringing lower half up over face.

Fig. 3 Fold the near half towards you.

Fig. 4 Next the back half is folded down likewise.

Fig. 5 Fold the corners A and B of the front (nearest you)

quarter towards X so that A and B meet at X at a spot about % inch above the bottom edge.

Fig. 6 Turn the bill around and do the same on the other side.

Fig. 7 Now open bill out by the points to a flat position.

Pig. 8 Hold bill as shown and fold backwards an dotted line.

Fig. 9 Fold forward the corner A to the spot X at center of lower edge.

Fig. 10 Fold backward the corner B to meet at X.

Fig. 11 Open bill at lower edge having corners C and D meet by bringing them together.

Fig. 12 Hold bill as shown - Washington's forehead at bottom.

Fig. 13 Fold upper front section down across center line. Do the same with the rear side. There are 2 corners at A and 2 at B. Bring front corners together to meet, and do the same with the rear corners so that they meet.

Fig. 14 Hold bill with picture at lowest corner. Fold top front corner to meet lower comer and do the same tin the ether aide by folding that corner back.

Fig. 15 During this part be careful not to tear bill. Hold it loosely in hands and insert thumb nail under the vertical line at center pulling out the tucked under corners at A and B. Ihese corners are tucked over the top edge. Do this on both sides.

Fig. 16 Flatten the bill as shown.

Fig. 17 Fold the corners A and B to meet at X.

Fig. 18 Do the same with rear section and hold bill so you are looking at the lower edge. Insert left thumb between one of the sides and center of bill. Then insert right thumb in the same way at the other side. FText open the bill by pressing the sides back as one would a hinge.

Fig. 19 This action causes the center to open up and reveal the picture. The dollar bill now is in a bow knot which you can defy anyone to duplicate even if they unfold your own hill for a fresh start.

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