an eighth of an inch to form a lip with the other side. Then, at the center of this trimmed edge, cut a little half moon piece out for a thumb hold. It should be half an inch long and half an inch deep so that the thumb will cover it when showing the cardboard on both sides. I have covered my cardboard with a dark design of wall paper.

Design a picture or paint a large reproduction of a playing card on one side of a white pasteboard and Insert It Into the pocket of the cardboard so that its back will face the thumb cut-out. Put the glass In the frame and a duplicate white pasteboard on it. Then put the backing on and fasten down.

First show the complete frame containing the blank "impression" material inside. Remove the backing, showing both sides, and dropping It carelessly upon the table you hand the frame and plain pasteboard for examination. Take back the frame and glass first and hold it In your left hand flatwise to the audience with one of the long sides towards your body. Your left thumb is on top aide at the left end with the fingers underneath.

Pick up the backing with the right hand .at its closed end and with the thumb cut out upwards at the left. end. As you explain that the backing Is an Insulator to keep thoughts from hitting the "Impression" card from both directions at once, you lay it part way into the frame so that the left thumb can reach the out (continued on next page)

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