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Radio Magician And Wife Mystify Clubmen At Luncheon.

Leslie Guest, known as the radio magicia.., featured the program at the Kiwanis luncheon at the Park hotel Thursday noon with a mysti fyi g exhibition of sleight of hand tricks and more elaborate stunts, re-qu. ing special apparatus. Mr. Guest was assisted by his wife.

-The more ordinary, but none the 1 ¿a baffling handkerchief and card tricks were accomplished by Mr. Guest without a slip and were the more mystifying because of his

& Journal the audience, drew applause from the clubmen.

Mr. Guest then Introduced his trained dog. Gimme, which performed - what might pass as the canine version of "St. Louis Blues," to the piano accompaniment of Mrs. Guest. The dog has broadcast over the radio and has been mentioned in Robert L. Ripley's columns, Mr. Guest said.

The most perplexing trick of all was the illusion Mr. Guest achieved of shooting a bullet through the body of his.wife into a target placed behind her. After the shot was flred, the audience saw the bullet fixed in the target with a long red streamer attached to it apparently passing through Mrs. Guest's body. The bullet bore the same mark after firing as it had previously. The mark was made by Dr. Raymond G. LaPort, president of the club.

A committee was appointed to draw a resolution extending the sympathy of the membership to John Irwin In his recent bereavement. William H. Bell, chairman of the Lockport chapter of the Amer-

proximity to his audience. His ape cialty of causing a deck of cards to lean Red Cross, extended an invlt»-dimlnish in size until scarcely larger tion to clubmen to attend the an than calling cards, in full view of nual banquet this evening

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