May 1935

Maglcdom has yet to fully recover from the shock It received last month when The Jinx came out on schedule. As copy after copy passed by in review on its way to the loeal Uncle Sam tabernacle well-wishers cheered, enemies made noises of a discordant cnaracter, and competitors looked sour as they hurried baok to their belated copy.

Rising card windlasses whirred, flash paper was set off without regard to human 3afety, paper rolls littered the streets as they wre produced unsparingly from all manner of hats, thumb tip after thumb tip was crushed under foot, and feather bouquets were thrown with utter abandon. Vith the parade over a few who had remained to scavenge reaped rich rewards in double backed cards, palming coins, broken thimble holders and torn off pulls. One fish bowl was found so I presume friend Charley ilagle was on hand. Charley always produces two of these after sitting around all evening and saying he came unprepared.

Dinner that night was an event without precedent. It was only right that I should have a party in honor of the great surprise so it was small but select. Cocktails were shaken and poured without end from Hindu Lota Jars, while the service and food came from an old set of Organ Pipes which hadn't seen use since the days of Hermann. The place cards were sealed in envelopes to which were attached alcohol sponges and during dinner wine was served from an inexhaustible bottle. Afterwards X passed a Jinx around for all to peruse, thus saving various dealers that much bother for the month. I was getting tired so I asked one of those present to do the napkin trick. He was all in favor of it and started to tear away without reserve. That provided the incentive so the rest of us went home during the explanation and lot him close up.

Go over those three paragraphs sgaln, take another look at my picture above for this' month and it won't take much effort to realize what getting The Jinx out on time has done to me. I guess I just can't take It after all. However, I had such a good time and it made me feel so high that I think I'll keep it up. They say it's good for the circulation.

Humdrum, the iecstic says, "The fellow smart enough to. learn everything In that Five Foot Shelf of Magic on the back page this month will at least be able to boast about his being a shelf made magician."

Oarl Jones, the genial and Jiagic loving publisher of The Minneapolis Journal has written me that John Northern Hllllard's book will positively be in print before many moons have passed. This is good news because I for one, and in my small corner, know how much John planned on it. He showed me material from every section of the country and over a period of years he had culled out only the best. I've Included this untitled as yet work in the Five Foot Shelf, not for sentimental reasons and not because the book will contain many tricks. The Art of Maglo by Downs was written by Milliard in 1907. It contained several principles at that tine unknown, as well as many revolutionary sleights and effects. This coming book has thus been planned for 28 years. It goes back to that date and covers those prlnclplel through their development to the present time. The history of many basic principles and fekes is woven into descriptive matter as only John Hllllard could pen It. Therefore if I put the first book on the Shelf I must remain consistent enough to Include the one to come. Mr. Jones will publish it and I have a hunch that Thurston will do the Foreword. He should. He couldn't pay too high a tribute, either.

Eighty-four names are on the list with vows etc., to support a bi-monthly Jinx. No doubt most of the present purchasers would continue to buy but Just at this time can't find a post-card. A card on hand thle morning however, makes me pause and think.

''Yes, the Jinx would receive my support If it could be put out twice a month at its present quality. (But I don't believe it can be done.) Don't you think that a few good tricks will be more thoroughly appreciated wnen the reader doesn't have to sort than out from a bunch of other tricks and news items? Besides there are already a couple of magazines which cover the news items quite completely, and none which cover the Jinx's present field. I'm not trying to discourage, but I believe that a publication which concentrates on giving four good tricks a month, will succeed on that alone."

c omlng from a person who gets his copy without any cost makes the above a sincere opinion. It won't

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