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ASTRAL AD (continued from page 509)

PRESENTATION: (made obvious in the following patter) "There are some people, principally those who are not scientists, who still believe that telepathy is impossible. This is because they have never had satisfactory evidence that mind-reading actually can be done. But we must remember that even scientists can be mistaken. Before the days of aviation a Harvard professor proved mathematically that airplanes could never fly, and when railroads were first introduced some doctors predicted that at any speed above 20 miles per hour the passengers would die of suffocation. However, I am not here to quarrel with the scientists, but to give you a demonstration which you may explain to your own satisfaction.

"Has anyone a newspaper? Any newspaper. Or we can use the one I have here. It makes no difference. May we use your newspaper, sir? Thank you. In order that no one may suspect that you and I know each other, please pass the paper to somebody near you — anybody. Now, madam, you please pass it to somebody else. And you, young man, you too pass it to anyone at all. Excellent. Now, you, young lady, please turn to the want ad section of the paper and select any page — any page at all. (To nearby spectator:) Will you please pass these scissors to the young lady. Now, miss, please clip out 10 of those want ads — any 10 that you choose — only clip each one fairly close to Its edges, so there can be no mistake later. While you are doing that, I shall count off 10 envelopes to put them in."

(Pick up stack, flap sides still down, and deal off ten, one at a time, onto the table, counting aloud, "One-two-three-etc". Hold your hands about 6 or 8 inches above the table to start, bring hands down to table as you count, "One," raise hands again, bring to table as you count, "two," and so on. This helps audience keep count AND PREVENTS THEIR SEEING THAT ENVELOPE "10" REALLY BRINGS ENVELOPE "11" WITH IT. Count envelopes off about as fast as the everage person counts off cards « no hurry, but no lost time. Lay aside unnecessary envelopes, pick up in left hand, the ten just counted off, and in squaring them up get flap ends away from you — towards audience, flaps still down. The tenth envelope is now on top, the 11th (sealed) just below it. The envelopes are in your left hand, flaps down, flap ends towards audience. While explaining that you will have the clipped want ads sealed in these envelopes, DRAW OFF THE TOP ENVELOPE TO DISPLAY IT, then replace it, flap still down, on BOTTOM of stack. This leaves eleventh (sealed) envelope on top. The move is absolutely indétectable. Go to spectator who has clipped the ads. Ask him to insert one of the ads in an envelope, and you'll find the flaps are still down. TURN THE STACK OVER SO THE FLAPS ARE NOW ON TOP. With right hand give him the (now) top envelope, (fake is now at the bottom), ask him to examine the envelope, if he likes, and HE is to insert any one ad and seal envelope. Take back sealed envelope, put at the BOTTOM of stack in left hand, and hand him the next envelope from top of stack. No need to mention examination any more, but let him examine if he wishes. Continue so until all ads are sealed. As you take back the envelopes count aloud, "Number one — number two —," etc., for all to hear. When the 10th ad has been sealed and placed on bottom, the 11th (fake) envelope will be on top, sealed — and everything checks. Cut the stack in the middle, as you would a deck of cards. This brings fake envelope to the center. Fan out envelopes and you'll recognize

Page the fake by the secret mark. Go to any spectator and say:

"Will you please stick out your finger and just touch one of the envelopes? Just stick out one finger." (Wait until he puts out a finger, then touch the fake envelope to his finger and hold it there. Then say:) "Very well. Now please draw out the envelope you touched. That's right. Now put it in your pocket and keep it there."

(Go back to your table, lay aside the rest of the envelopes that you hold or put them in your pocket, pick up slate and chalk. Say:) "Will someone call out a number up to 12 or 15 — anybody at all — any number. What number, sir? Nine? Thank you. The gentleman selected number NINE. Is that satisfactory to everybody present, or shall we choose another number? Very well, then, we'll use NINE. Now, please will the gentleman who holds the sealed envelope take out the want ad, count to the ninth word and CONCENTRATE on that word. Don't MENTION it — just concentrate on it silently. (As if to yourself: "Number 9 — number 9 — word number 9.") Place chalk to slate, "think hard" and meanwhile count off and read the 9th word of the copy on your slate. Pretend to write a word — slowly — one letter at a time — as if getting an impression of the chosen word. Stop — hesitate — rub out word you started to write AND ALSO RUB OUT COPY OF AD. Then start again, write correct word, stand slate on table with writing away from audience, walk away at once and say to holder of chosen envelope: "Who kept the chosen envelope? Who has it? You, sir? Please stand so we can all see you. Now that I have written a word, will you please read out LCUD the entire advertisement, word for word. (Wait) I didn't hear you. Speak louder, please. (Wait) Good! Now count to the ninth word and read just that. A little louder. (Wait) Oh, EXPERIENCE. Is that right? Yes, EXPERIENCE. Very well. Now, let's see what we have done. To-day's newspaper was passed to several people, one of them selected a want ad at random, and from it he clipped any 10 ads that he wished. Is that what you did, sir? Yes. Then he himself sealed those freely selected ads in an envelope each and somebody else chose one of the envelopes and immediately put it in his pocket. Is that correct, sir? Yes. Then somebody else chose a number --- NINE, I think it was ---

and the holder of the envelope counted to the 9th word of the SECRETLY CHOSEN ad inside of the FREELY SELECTED envelope, and the word proved to be EXPERIENCE. But BEFORE THE ENVELOPE WAS OPENED I wrote a word on the slate, you remember « before the envelope was opened — and the

Word that I wrote was --- " (Quickly pick up the slate, reveal written word, and wait a moment for them to get over the shock, and applaud«.)

ADDITIONAL HINTS: Always get person who holds envelope to read the whole ad and to say his word out LOUD several times. Then repeat it yourself. This fixes the word unmistakeably in minds of audience and creates dramatic suspense. For the same reason have various spectators verify your summary of what was done.

If you like, you can let 10 different people cut out one ad each. This takes time, but increases the number of people who are SURE the ads were chosen at random. This procedure is best for small intimate parties where time is not such an important factor. If possible, get a widely known local celebrity to cut all 10 ads to prove no confederacy.

In cutting your own (fake) want ad from another copy choose it so there is no other want ad on its back. Otherwise spectator may read the wrong side of the piece of paper. Since the

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