Maqs Burned Overexposes

Hollywood. Nov. 23.

Pacific Coast magicians are burned up about the activities of Julien J, Proskauer, president oi the Parent Assembly (N.Y.) ol the Society ot American Magicians, and formal complaint charging unethical conduct will be Hied tonight (23) against him by an alternate in New York. If Proskauer does not resign locals in Los Angeles and San FranCisco threaten to drop out of the Society.

Proskauer is accused of exploiting his office for his own personal benefit and with having exposed the secrets of magic to the detriment of the membership through his owner* (hip of Stunts, Inc., an advertising outfit which gives away the abaca-dabra for advertising throwaways and tieups. Magicians here state that

Proakauer's activities will make the heavy equipment investments of many of his clan valueless.

His activities in this direction have caused a steady flow of criticism from memberships, Coast crowd claiming he has interrupted the harmony in the organization so that then are two battling factions among the magicians.

Information will be furnished the New York hearing committee by Barkann Rosinoff, who will base the charges on facta from disgruntled members on the Coast They feel, however, that Proskauer is strongly entrenched and has numerous pals In the organization and their charges may blow up in smoke.

Members here point out that Louis Zingone resigned from the organize* tion under pressure, after making a Metro short exposing trade secrets, and feel that Proskauer is in the same category.

Barkann Rosinoff refused to make any statement regarding the charges against Proskauer. - Declared that only officer entitled to speak for the Society is the Secretary of the National Council, Richard DuBois.

This thing has been brewing for several months and it's about time it was brought to a head and cleaned up. As we go to press, the result of the "ethics committee" in action is unknown but we'll try to let readers in on all of the news as 3oon as possible. When things become so putrid that an "out house" cartoon can be circulated anonymously, presumably by a member of high office in what has been looked upon as the greatest and most dignified of the societies, it's time for the disinfectant. Just as we were going to the printers last issue we were called on the phone and the cartoon offered to The Jinx as a paid insert. It was obviously in favor of Julian Proskauer inasmuch as it portrayed utter disrespect for various people and a magazine v/hose comments upon Julian's penchant for exposing and capitalizing upon his S.A.M. position were tempered with vitriol. Vie turned it down, together with modifications." Two days later it was in the malls, postmarked N.Y.C. but in Albany hotel stationery. Julian Proskauer was the man who called us on the phone. After the S.A.M. Ladies Night of November 15th I asked Julian why he had let such a thing go out. He replied, "I don't know anything about it." I said, "The giveaway was that Dewitt-Clinton Hotel envelope postmarked N.Y.C. You do their printing." Julian remarked, "No, never." So I dug out the letter I had from Jack Hyland, the manager. It reads, in part, "Our stationery, for the past few years, has been printed by 'rim. C. Popper & Co., 148 Lafayette St., N.Y.C., and by the Ber-inati Press, 18 Vesey St., N.Y.O." Mr. Proskauer is president of Popper fc Co. He looked at me and said, "Have you investigated Berinati?" So we quit. It's just as well the ethics committee, which was interested in seeing the letter and wanted it, (but couldn't have it without me) didn't invite me to their pow wow. In that case I would have been bound by the rules to keep quiet on everything that took place. Now I'm free to tell whatever I know and can find out, if I think it of interest to magi in general in the cause of better magic and saner magicians, regardless of one's affiliation with this or that society. Is there any wonder, though, tnat the S.A.M. misses Bernard M.L. Ernst?

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