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A spool of black thread Pack of cards — one duplicate A large ticket punch Some diachylon wax 4 colored balloons 3 lemons 3 one dollar bills Kitchen matches — one lighter Envelope prepared for lemon trick A packet of needles threaded in the new way An unopened package of needles A large spool of white cotton thread A metal tray 6 or 8 inches in diameter Two slates with a loose silicate flap Chalk — a heavy rubber band — a wedding ring Two gentlemen's handkerchiefs Two small rubber bands Special display frame for Finale trick Set of six clock faces made as described Blank duplicate sheet to match faces Suggested opening: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Magic is an art of truly ancient vintage. Down through the ages, through a thousand or more years of evolution, has come a general belief in miracles. In far gone days, a man or woman who presented feats of mystery was called a sorcerer or witch and promptly given a special bonfire of burning fagots, of which he was the central figure.

Time has passed. Today, a magician is looked upon as an entertainer and diverting figure. And, comparable with the transition of thought from sorcerer and witch to entertainer, is the evolution from a stage full of complicated ingenious mechanisms all surrounded with lights, curtains, and the necessary secret appliances of stagecraft, to the point where a person, like myself, can stand before and in his audience with but a few common everyday articles with which to portray a picture of magic."

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