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10 a "no card" mystery act

10 a "no card" mystery act there has been placed on the market the John Snyder version, doing away with a change bag. In the method given here, the latter version undergoes a pruning and the gimick is eliminated, as well as the effect and working being revamped into more practical form for professional use. As it stands now, the effect can be followed easily and the method allows of conditions heretofore impossible.

Several keys and a lock are handed to a spectator for examination. Only one key will open the lock. The performer locks the opened lock into the lapel buttonhole of the spectator, and the keys are mixed in a borrowed hat by anyone. This person takes a bunch of small drug envelopes and drops a key into each and seals them. They are placed in the hat and again shaken up. The performer may be blindfolded if desired, and reaching into the hat picks out an envelope at a time, tossing each aside until he comes to one he "feels" is the key. Tearing open the envelope he dumps out the key, which successfully opens the lock. And there is nothing wrong to be found with the keys or lock.

You will require 2 locks, a key to open each, and 8 or 9 other keys that will not open either of the locks. Also have a stack of envelopes with a small bead in the corner of the top envelope. (Thanks to Mr. Frank Chapman)

Pass out the keys and have a spectator find the only one that will open the lock. The other lock (spectators only know about one) is in your inside coat pocket along with the envelopes. The key that fits this lock is up your right coat sleeve.

At this point have the spectator mix the keys in a borrowed hat. You have taken the lock from him with the left hand while he does this, and as he shakes you reach into your pocket and get the envelopes. You switch the lock for the other, and the left hand comes out with the envelopes. Don't hurry this move, or try to be clever about it. All eyes are on the mixing of the keys, and you only have to do it naturally. No one ever dreams of an exchanged lock, all action being with the keys and envelopes. Hand a spectator the envelopes, and then step back and fasten the lock in the other person's buttonhole. At this point let the key in the right sleeve drop into your hand.

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