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Magical festivities were numerous during the past month. Dr. Jacob Daley had a riotous affair at his home with about 30 present for dinner and embellishments. The feature of the show was Dave Bamberg's colored movies of his travels, superb costumes, and of his father, Oklto, In action. A week later Prank Dodd had his annual outing on his Babylon estate, and over 100 partook of lunch, dinner, games, and watched the open air performance with a stein in each hand. Four days later the I.B.M. Convention opened at High Point, N.C. with over 300 registered as present. At the moment, I feel like yelling long and loud when anyone mentions the "paas."

One can have only regret that Bamberg has left our country to its mad and harum-scarum methods of show business. He turned down a thousand a week to chop the production Into bits and work the movie presentation houses with four and five shows a day. And now he's back In the Latin olimates where lie can be his own boss, present magic to his own satisfaction, and continue to prove he has plenty "on the ball" or he never would have been able to build up the most artistio magic show we've ever seen.

Lucid moments at High Point, N.C.— Mystic Craig's Mystery Bar being demonstrated hourly, and making his booth the most popular oasis in the town. N.C. being hard liquor dry, an opportunity was passed up to be arrested on the first night show for the producing of illegal beverages. Every wire service in the country would have oarried It. --- Caryl Fleming with his perennial good natured look and attitude. Those polo shirts should have been assorted in oolor instead of all alike, though, beoause unless one counted the wrinkles and saw them disappear every several hours (we did just that after the second dayI) the opinion could easily be that there was but one and only one. --- The inexhaustible kegs of "mountain dew" that were too easily accessible in Frank Bunker's room.— Floyd Thayer's Grab Bag for a quarter, a most popular spot with plenty of value.---Lea Gilbert mooning over the program error that made of him "A Magical Pottourl." --- And Charley

(Baffles) Brush trying to placate him with puna he had oolleoted for his Linking Ring and Sphinx columns. -— Hazel Miller's air of devotion to all I.B.M. matters while her stomach turned flips in reaction to the change of climate, food, water, and perhaps a beer or two. ----—

Letter at hand; "There is one thing that makes your Jinx worth ten times its price. Occasionally you recommend some item. Heath's dice was one and I'm going to buy Walsh's Magician*s Dream and Vosburgh Lyon's Rising Cards. You see, you carry no advertising and I've found that if you say an item is good, then it really isl I have a dresser drawer filled with unusable junk, and have sworn not to add to it, nor have I recently." (Signed) Gaylord A. Wood.

Thanks, Mr. Wood. And if there are any others like you, I can honestly and vociferously say I like Tom Osborne's book on Cups and Balls as being most complete in routines, and Max Holden's publication of the Encyclopedia of Card Tricks In the decent form due such a work.

Laugh of the month; Walter Gibson has written, "Now that Holden Is putting out the Encyclopedia In printed form, I've been puzzled as to what to do with Gravatt's mimeographed opus. Fortunately, Oravatt — who seems to think of everything — has himself provided the answer on page 9 of the June Genii. His last paragraph really furnishes the inspiration." (We quote the Gravatt Inspirational verbatim as well as reproductional on the funny page. Ed.)

The following excerpt should settle once and for all the controversy In which we have taken some part. We have had our say in issues gone by, and quoted the various claimants to the bridge trick together with their remarks about the others. Frank Travers mailed this to me on June 10th, and it leaves no room for argument.

"--- One thing I wish you would settle for all time is that —-—— bridge trick, so far six letters have reached me each claiming the trick. Mickey MaoDougall, Jerry Kahler, Prank Lane, all the bunch arguing like hell. I traced this method back to Robert Houdln's "Tricks of the Greeks, or Card Sharping Exposed" on page 267 in the fine print. This tells about placing the high cards second and fourth. It is known as bricklaying among the gamblers. The book was published in 1861 and if any of that bunch can show priority they are entitled to it."

Magician Opens Up His Bag and Crashes Big Business

Julien J. Proskauer, Who is Stunts, inc., Invents All Those Funny Little Gadgets That You Puzzle About and &?id- Annoy Your Frrendi With. Ju^4 Telegram

Somehow or other, if you consult Julien J. Proskauer about a stagnant business, he always will recommend a stunt.

"Stunts are a lot of fun. They are a pleasant, easy way to stimulate business," states Mr. Proskauer. His enthusiasm perhaps has something to do with his being president of Stunts, Inc.

Mr. Proskauer is also president of the Society of American Magicians and of Popper & Co„ a big printing outfit, but Stunts, Inc., is the little niche Julien J. Proskauer has carved out of life by and for himself, though recently he took on an associate — Vice

President Robert* (Shenra) Sherman, a retired magician who owns the Bridgeport metaland-wood factory where most of the gadgets of Stunts, Inc., are made.

Stunts, Inc., spends all its spare time thinking up new stunts. When an Idea crackles Mr. Proskauer, Mr. Sherman, Dexter Slnsa-bough, advertising-idea man, a noted professor of psychology and a philosopher, go into a huddle.

The psychologist is retained to forecast how the public mind will work next week. The function of the house philosopher is somewhat hasy, even to Mr. Proskauer.

âowever, once Stunts, Inc., agrees it "has something" the next step is selecting a Juicy account to which the stum might be adapted for sales promotion. Selling comes next, then servicing. It's all very simple, apparently, because Stunts, Inc.. which turned over »450,000 last year, will top $1,200,000 as a two-year-old. A heap of letters fro«

that went with the mystic music of the Chandu program, one of which was an up-to-date version of the old | shell game. Three different colored*, discs go under three red cups. The. magician leaves the room. When he| returns he tells which discs have been changed and names the colore under each disc. (An almost invisible hair on the blue disc, two on the red and none on the whitei is the solution, if you promise to1 keep it on the q. t.) |

The mystic bead trick was the big I item distributed on Thurston s Magic Air (Swift & po.) program. Two lengths of string and three beads are used. Double one of the strings, thread two beads on the loop end and secretly slip loop end of second string into loop end of first.

Bend loop of second string over and draw this false connection into middle of bead near it, distracting spectators by talking. Then string places like Winnipeg. San Francisco third bead on ends of the seoond and Boise saying "What can you, string so that bead with false knot do for my business for $100,000?" is In center. Take any two; »trtng will deprive Stunts, Inc., of a vaca- ends apd make a knot outside the tion this summer. * beads, explaining that this Is done

The hit-of-the-week order came to prevent the beads from escaping from the Bulck people, who wanted .Have one of the audience hold all to advertise that they will broad- four ends of string, not too tautly, cast the Brad dock-Lou is fight , Under cover of a handkerchief slide Stunts, Inc.. wracked Its brains and the middle bead from the connec-

produced 1,000.000 copies of a trick done with a single card that bends in the middle. Stunts, Inc.. provided the tricks tion and the other two will also come off Into your hand. Remove the kerchief. Presto, no beads on the string.

I have no oomraent to the above • Just give a deep sigh and turn to the next page.

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