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left thumb and second finger (thumb over hole) and reel off three yards of thread with the right hand. Break and hang it around neck with right hand so ends are in front, flight hand

now takes spool from left hand and either places back on table or in pocket, and the left hand immediately reaches over for tray of loose needles. However, the right has turned the spool over and the bundle of threaded needles has fallen into left hand at the base of the fingers. Taking the tray with left hand and fingers underneath keeps the bundle covered, and all moves are perfectly natural.

The thread is now around neck, the tray of loose needles in left hand and the threaded bundle in same hand at base of fingers. Taking hold of tray with both hands, shake it up and down to rattle the needles noisily. Tip tray with right hand so as to dump needles into left hand just in back of the threaded bundle. Keep this left hand cupped, with right thumb and forefinger, reach into the cupped palm and appear to be getting them together, but you are really getting a firm hold of the threaded end of bundle between the right thumb and first two fingers. If

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