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Effects for this Jinx Cluh Program number eight in all, and the act can be carried in a not 'so large suitcase. I say "suitcase" even though without the carrying of a frame for the Finale Trick, on which to display the clock face, only a small doctor's grip would be necessary to transport the mysteries. However, the Finale Trcik gives a rather flashy and strong finish, and is perfectly practical as well as being a not in use effect.

The entire act is suitable for clubs, lodges, and homes where the audience is in front. It runs aoproxir.iately thirty minutes without speeding, or twenty-five if one keeps moving.

In setting up, you'll need only a small table and a chair. The tested time on setting up Is not more than twelve minutes, and it can be cut to seven and eight if you have a list of the articles and -./here they go. You won't need such a thing if you use the act and know it as well as you should. However, some will arrange the routine and use it only occasionally.

The Flash Ribbon Restoration as an opening serves as a novel surprise and allows of patter to the effect that magicians generally cut and restore things with many passes and knots. However, you have found a way of hypnotising a ribbon and making it do the job for itself. The lev-itatlon of the ribbon before and during the cutting villi start getting attention.

The ribbon for the opening effect and the second number is taken from one of the spools of colored ribbon. Use the sane ribbon for the third number, in tying the balloon, as was used for the second effect.

In the pack of cards set for the '¿Oth Century trick, have a short card, the duplicate of which is in the balloon. Then you can follow the '¿Oth Century with the balloon trick using the same cards. Force the short card by riffling end of de,pk and stopping (?) on command. The torn corner from card in balloon is in your left side coat pocket where deck is dropped after the selection.

The necessary apparatus,or material needed, is as follows :

One straight backed chair One ordinary card table

2 reels (blue-red) ribbon a pair of snail scissors a 6"' x 6" sheet of tissue a sheet of flash paper 6"x6" A spool of black thread Pack of cards - one duplicate A large hole ticket punch Some diachylon wax 4 colored balloons

3 lemons

3 one dollar bills _

Kitchen matches -or- lighter

Envelope prepared for the lemon trick

A packet of needles threaded in the new way

A large spool of white cotton thread a metal tray 6 or 8 inches in diameter

An unopened package of needles

Two slates with a loose silicate flap

Chalk - A heavy rubber band - A wedding ring

Two gentlemen's handkerchiefs

Two small rubber bands

Special display frame for Finale Trick

Set of six clock faces made as described

Blank duplicate sheet to match faces

The program list of effects as taken from and titled in The Jinx during past issues, Is given below in the order of their performance. Presented in that way will give best results.

Suggested program No. One — A Club Act of Magic — was in the Jinx Extra for Summer 1936. The programme runs about twenty-five minutes and packs into a brief caae.

Suggested Program lio. Two — A Mental Club Act — was in the Jinx No. 23 for August 1936. This progriunme runs about thirty minutes and also can be carried in a brief case.

Both issues can still be supplied by your dealer, or obtained direct from The Jinx, INaverly, New York.

Have the three dollar bill corners on table, in order, and the lemon for each lylftg In front. When you get back the two lemons, put them on table. You see at a glance which one is missing, and so pick up the right corner at the same time. Keep the envelope for this effect in inside coat pocket. Keep matches or lighter in lower right vest pocket for use whenever you need a flame.

Flash Ribbon Restoration

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