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16 a "no card" mystery act

16 a "no card" mystery act appreciation. This works into the ice cream cone production. After producing the cone, hand it to a spectator, but, as he takes the cone, you remove the ice cream, saying, as you drop it in your pocket, "I always like to take the cream home to my little brother."

On your way back to the front, pick up another person to help you on the Seamstress trick, and time and effort is saved at this point. It has always annoyed me to see a person go back to the front and then ask for an assistant when one could just as well have gone back with the performer. Besides, when one is in the audience, help is always easier to get. Some people don't like to walk up alone.

On the finale, write two of the items, the number and word, and then stop. Take off the blindfold, remark that for the picture test you would like to have the committee at a distance, and' send them back to their seats. Now make the drawing, have one of the committee say "Right" or "Wrong," (the audience knows anyway) and you are through to a climax with an empty stage.

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