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for the loan of a wedding ring. Have the owner slip this ring on second finger of your right hand. Go back to the front, picking up a gentleman on your way to accompany you and help. He is to be quite a distance from owner of the ring. As you go to the front, bend in second finger and extend the first.

The assistant removes the ring from the first finger, it being natural, and he never suspects the use of another finger. As repeated performances prove, neither does the owner. Stand with your right side to audience as you have ring taken. Tell him to hold ring tightly in his fist. Walk back to the table and pick up one of the handkerchiefs with right hand. AS YOU DO SO, PUSH THE BORROWED RING UNDER THE TIP OF THE OTHER HANDKERCHIEF! This is done in an instant and is NEVER DETECTED! Hand handkerchief picked up to a spectator together with a rubber band. He lays ring in your right hand (duplicate). Then tell him to cover your hand with the hank. As he does you hold your arm up and the ring drops down your coat sleeve! He puts the band around your wrist to hold the handkerchief. As he does this pull up your right sleeve which prevents the ring from dropping out should you forget and lower arm. Let the audience get a casual look at your left hand which is empty.

Go over and pick up the other handkerchief with left hand, grasping the ring under tip as you do so. Have spectator take this handkerchief and you close your left hand, into a fist. This hand is covered also and banded. Hold the hands far apart and command the ring to travel. Remember that up to now no one knows what is going to happen. They have no reason to suspect a thing being wrong with the left hand as the misdirection is quite perfect. Have the assistant remove the handkerchief from right hand. The ring is now gone! Thank him and dismiss him. Now walk directly to the person who loaned the ring, keeping the left hand high in the air. This person removes the band and handkerchief and finds their own ring!

You will find this perfectly practical in working. In the pull method only one ring is used but the effect is not any better. The pull method is not easy to set, it sometimes is noisy, and there is always the possibility of losing half of one's shirt during

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