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8 a "no card" mystery act

8 a "no card" mystery act

The necessary adjuncts are four large handkerchiefs (white), three faked spools, and fifteen inches of cord with a needle and button at the ends. Three of the silks are prepared by having a prominent name sewn diagonally across each with different colored silk. The names may all be different, in fact, they should be. Each spool is wound with a different colored silk to match the names on the handkerchiefs. These spools are ordinary and 'fekes' are on each. The 'fekes' are shells to fit over the spools and each is covered with a layer or two of the different silks.

Fold each of the three handkerchiefs on which the names appear into a long strip diagonally, so none of the writing shows, and wind each onto a spool rather tightly for the first turn or two. Then wind more and more loosely as the other end of the handkerchief is reached so that it will bulk up well. Now slip a not-too-tight rubber band over' each, to keep it from unwinding. Next slide the proper silk-covered shell over each spool, doing so slowly, and then tuck the handkerchief in evenly all around with a flat, dull-pointed instrument. If this is carefully done, the shell may be slipped off readily and the handkerchief will bulk out well. If carelessly done it will be difficult when you try to slide the shell off. Of course each handkerchief must be covered with the same colored thread-shell as that sewn across the handkerchief. Each will now look like a genuine spool of thread. Stand the three spools in a row on your table, and you are ready to perform, the only accessories needed being a paper bag, or a small cloth one if you prefer, another rubber band, the handkerchief, and the stringing cord with needle and button attached.

Pass the plain handkerchief for examination, and exhibit the three spools for the free choice of one. Be sure that the audience realizes their freedom of choice. Take back the handkerchief, and folding it as you did the prepared one on each spool, wind it right over the thread shell in the same manner as the handkerchief, except that you must wind it tightly all the way. Secure it in place with the rubber band. Next thread the spool onto the cord, the button keeping it from coming off, and openly lower it into the bag. Allow the needle to hang outside, pinch the mouth of the bag, and have someone hold.

Now force in any manner you like the name that is written on

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