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We're more than a mite short on editrivia this week, but the Scarne-Gali vs. Gali-Scarne news reprints are marvelous ly entertaining, and, we think, better than any other magical items on the spike. --- LIFE mag, Feb. 10, has some match tricks and gags to embellish a display of match cover designs. It's on the newsstands AS you read this. --- The S.A.M. Annual

Iieckscher Theatre show will be on Feb. 22. As the Hocus Pocns Review it quite obviously hints at magic, and, as usual, will be a sellout. Next week we'11 try to have the act line-up.

Mail box: "See by the "Jinx" that you've been reading "Expert Card Technique". Refer to page 245. In a paragraph headed by letter (a) you'll find a description of my misdirection. Here are a few corrections.

"It isn't 1 who wears the hooded cloak; it's an assistant. Only it isn't a hooded cloak, it's a plug hat and whiskers. It isn't a bear that the spectator's are watching; it's a banner I've ducked behind. It's the tossing aside of the banner that catches the undivided attention, and allows the switch at the wings. THEN, the audience sees the bear — only it isn't a bear» it's a gorilla. The switch at the wingB, of course, was assistant to me, not the other way about, as the book has it. The man with the whiskers dances with the gorilla. Whiskers turns out to be me, and the gorilla the assistant. And, incidentally, the switch at the wings is partly covered by the pretext of a revolver that won't fire, so the assistant hops off to get another, and I hop back.

"Outside of that, the book has it down pat". Regards - (signed) Harry Blackstone.

Keith Clark, currently at the Rainbow Room, (N.Y.) is making good with a color changing tie and arm card spread using a card sword, among other things in his new act. --- Dariel Fitzkee makes a Holden shop appearance almost daily, but no comment is forthcoming about any plans for a new revue to out-gimick the late "International"

fracas. --- The Sphinx drive for subscribers via the $1 anniversary issue (Mar) Is very successful. Will the fellow who gave the idea to John get a life subscription? — John Scarne is at the Versailles (N.Y.) Club, a swank epot where he can find high favor because they like their magic served well. (Aside: "Dear John» Now that you've started, please go lightly on the offstage bragging. We all know you can do technical miracles, and are with you. But, a trick on the floor, is worth.two in the ear." Best, Ted)

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Out of the hidden and forbidden fastness of

Tibet comes the raison d'etre for this little excursion into improbability. A Lama, to a Tibetan, is a superman capable of little parlor stunts like levltation for an indefinite period, or a stark naked marathon run of hundreds of miles over 20,000 foot high ant hills that make up the Himalaya's. Mental projection of astral images, telepathy, all the things that we in our devious ways attempt to imitate under the guise of magic, are reported to be actualities to these fantastic sorcerors.

Shrouded in Sanskrit are directions for performing these miracles. But,since most of the formulae call for a twenty year residence in an isolated cave,and a subsistence ration of rancid butter in tea and chipped beef, perhaps it would be easier to call on Sakya-t'Ubpa and see what we can do with a playing card representation of the "Green Lama".

Readers of "pulp" magazines will recognize Ken Crossen's (under the nom de plume of Richard 7oster)mind child, the "Green Lama". A dashing young fellow, he, the "Lama", managed to absorb the knowledge of Pal-den Iha-mo, Dorje Pa-mo, T.Song-ka-pa, Maitreya, Padma Sambhava, which

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