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log at the Battle Creek convention, his first since squabbles with the old regime quite some years ago and which resulted in his forming the I.M.C. True to form Harry ascended the platform at the Kalamazoo show as a spectator assisting The Great Levante, whose escaping block trick was a "high" effect of the English contingent to these shores. Never playing his temperament false, The Great Blackstone proceeded to plug his own show by talking out of turn and saying that the audience would see the stunt In his own show this fall. Levante graciously, if not sarcastically,offered to teach him the routine so that It would be done well. If H.B. could let down his hair for a while and not try continually to outsmart and outmaneuvre every magus he meets, especially when there is from one spectator up, he would be llkeda bit more In the profession. However, he doesn't care, It seems, so he lets that little amount of Houdinl in him have full sway. I say little amount for Blackstone's faults have kept him from ever attaining the heights scaled by Houdinl. And personally, I think Blackstone a better all around magician, liaybe someday we'll put on the record the story of the show that Blackstone did in Towanda, Fa., on a rainy night back in the 1920'a.

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