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This effect originally was conceived as a comedy finale to an egg bag routine, but, since that time, it has evolved into a very cute close-up number.

The magician borrows a handkerchief, gathers together the four corners, and offers to produce something from it --- what would the onlookers suggest? The replies should be good for a few laughs. And, when someone says a chicken or other type of fowl, seize upon this and ask if just the egg will do. If the person doesn't mention any kind of fowl, say, "Will you settle for an egg7 After all, what ao you think I am, a magician?"

As soon as an egg is agreed upon, the magus asks, "How would you like it - all at once, or a little at a time?" Someone sure is going to take you up on "a little at a time", so, with serious demeanor, you shake the handkerchief and something drops into its center.

Reaching inside you remove a few bits of egg shell, and, on the next trip, take out a round yellow ball which you firmly declare is the yolk. How you pause and say, "It seems as if there is something else. Ch, yes, the white.'" Make it plain, by your expression, that you are not particularly anxious to go delving for a fist full of albumin, but finally reach into the center of the handkerchief and produce a small glass of clear liquid — the egg white.'

Experience has shown us that the effect has what is needed generally in tricks with appeal. It is impromptu (perhaps not in preparation,but in performance), it gives the handkerchief's owner a few seconds of qualm, and the others a few seconds of mirth, at the thought of an egg's white being loose within the folds, and it var ies the usual procedure of sinply producing an article from nowhere and letting it go at that.

The set-up of the necessaries is quite simple and easily handled. The yolk is a heavy sponge rubber ball painted yellow and wedged into the top of the glass to keep it from leaking. An important feature of this prepared ball is the holes, hollowed out and large enough to contain (jammed in) several pieces of a cut up ping-pong ball, a perfect imitation of broken egg shell.

Don't look now, but the entire outfit was up your sleeve before you started. It can be carried easily for some time at the elbow. While the handkerchief was being borrowed, the right hand dropped to the side, and the load was delivered to the fingers, glass first. The left hand holds one corner of"the hank, and right hand, with load palmed (in a manner) in curled fingers, takes the corner nearest it.

This corner is carried behind bulk of handkerchief, then up to left hand which is holding its corner between the first and second fingers. The left thumb and forefinger grasp the load about at the edge of the glass and hold it there while the right hand tucks its corner between the first and second finger. The remaining corners are gathered up and tucked so that the glass, when dropped, will fall inside the hank.

At the proper moment the load is'released and its form appears in the center of the handkerchief. The celluloid is taken from the hole in ball and brought to light. It is best to let the glass rest on the table,through the hank, while removing the ball. It is shown with hole side away from audience, and the glass of water (albumin) is left for the finish.

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