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a "no card" mystery act 3

a "no card" mystery act 3

moment by thumb palming it. If you wish you may use any of the standard type of cigarette holders which should be pinned to the position given.

Reaching into the right coat pocket take out the tobacco and paper. Hand them to a nearby spectator to open and also to have one paper ready for you. In the meantime you reach into the breast pocket of your coat and take out the handkerchief including the thumb-tip fixed to its proper place, on the thumb. Now state that you would prefer using some one else's handkerchief instead, so borrow one, allowing the spectator to keep yours as security. With your right hand hold the borrowed handkerchief at the center of one side and with the left hand pretend to hunt for a match in your lower right vest pocket and at the same time secure the real cigarette by thumb palming. As if not finding a match bring out your hand, drop the handkerchief over the left hand and with your right reach into your left vest pocket still searching. These moves must be timed but are perfectly natural. Not finding a match borrow one from another spectator and have him poke a pocket into your left fist with this match.

Pretending that the hole is not large enough, use your finger and then thumb to make it larger. The thumb-tip, of course, is left in the pocket, and underneath the handkerchief the left fingers are now holding the cigarette. The match is taken from the spectator and placed in your right coat pocket. Take the .opened tobacco bag and pour some tobacco into the thumb-tip forming the pocket in the handkerchief. Put the single cigarette paper in next and tuck it well into the tip, making the usual getaway on the right thumb. Now state that you will cause the tobacco and paper to penetrate the handkerchief and appear in your closed fist. The handkerchief is next drawn off and shaken out to show the tobacco and paper gone. Open the left hand exhibiting the cigarette, while you tuck the handkerchief partially into side pocket leaving the thumb-tip with it.

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