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"no code" telepathy 7

"no code" telepathy 7

Mr. Mackay's method made necessary the learning of 24 different arrangements in conjunction with two key cards (from the rest of the deck) for each. This way is extremely simple, yet the effect is still worked, and very different in theme from other such problems.

The lady assistant retires to another room with a spectator as guard. Any pack of cards is used and handed someone who removes the 4 aces. They mix the aces, and lay them, or stand them, in a face out row in any order. Lastly they turn over (so that backs are outward), either the two red aces, or the two black acesl The audience having noted down the position of each ace in the row, and the color reversed, a spectator mixes them up and leaves them on the table. The lady now returns and her blindfold is removed at the table, after the performer has been put under guard. The lady immediately carries out the exact movements which took place while she was absent.

The whole thing is pure presentation plus the finger nail bump. If you hold a card between the tips of the forefinger and thumb, and press sharply with the nail of the forefinger against the card over the ball of thumb, a slight bump is raised which can be instantly detected by passing a thumb or finger over the surface of the pasteboard.

I advise having the cards stood against something rather than laid on the table. All can see the row better, and it makes it easier for you. After the row has been placed in the desired position by a spectator and the color reversed, you ask someone to jot down the order as they stand. You pick up the first, saying, "Clubs" (or whatever it is), and toss it to the table. Repeat with the rest, and finally mention, for notation, the color which wasi reversed. You only have to nick three cards. And it doesn't matter whether the card is facing one way or another as the three marks can't get mixed. The first card's bump is anywhere along the end; on the second it is somewhere around the center; and on the third it is anywhere along the side. The fourth needn't be marked. After all notes have been made and the cards have been well mixed, you ask someone to go out and call in the lady. If you send out a lady, the reversed color has been black; if a gentleman, red. If you are working before only one sex, ar-

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