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a club of magic 3

a club of magic 3

For this method is used one of the rubber cigarettes sold in all novelty stores as a joke item. It cannot be told from a real cigarette at two feet, let alone a distance of ten or twelve. Beforehand it is put into the mouth between the upper lip and jaw a little to the right, in the same manner as for the needle trick. This placement is optional, as each performer will try out positions for ease in working. The rubber cigarette will bend into whatever position required and stay there. Upon release it straightens out into a perfectly smooth imitation.

You have a full tobacco bag (full of cotton for stage and coffee for night club floors. In the case of coffee being used you can swallow the small package at will. The coffee won't taste bad and the paper won't kill you); and in the left trouser pocket is placed a genuine cigarette. A lighter or common match is in the right trouser pocket. Take the bag of tobacco and package of papers out, remove one, and shake some tobacco into it. Fold the paper and put it into your mouth, making a rolling motion with the jaw. Really, you are getting the rubber cigarette into a position to be pushed out with the end of the tongue.

While this short action is taking place, the left hand drops to the left pocket and palms the real cigarette, clipping it between the first and second fingers. When cigarette has been pushed from mouth, the right hand comes up and removes it between the thumb and forefinger, and at the same time the left hand comes out and apparently takes it from the right hand. However, the right fingers pull it into the hand and the left thumb pushes its cigarette out as the hands come together. The right hand goes directly to pocket and comes out with the matches. You light up and proceed.

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