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Sack, and It seems away back, The Jinx advocated a "silent system" of combating expos-ers. Then later we added to this by talking of a method for getting the publishers and editors on our side. That was a system for combating exposures. Together the orderly process of each would be by far a more decided move upon the part of some existing magical organization and against the one thin« which seems to raise tirade after tirade without a thing being done other than that yet attempted, as citizens we aocept now as In the past governmental experiments both good and bad with either the statement that it's "crazy" or "at least we're trying." But when the office door has been locked, and the man hies himself to a magic shop or club, he grows apoplectic over the news of an exposure but does nothing, even in trial, in his enthusiasm over a seemingly more paramount issue, "What's newt Have you seen this one?"

The weapon of silence was brought forolbly to our attention lately when, during broadcasts regarding present worldly turmoil, it was mentioned that back in 1917, Congressman Lindbergh, the flying Colonel's father, made a decided stand against U.S. participation in the conflict of that time. Patriotism being what it is and was, Mr. Lindbergh found himself completely Ignored, both in action and speeoh. As if someone had looked over our shoulder, the announcer relating this by-gone occurence used the term of "silent treatment" (we thought of it several years ago after a flagrant bit of secret monger-ing and then watched the "cocky" bum get much acclaim and attention ad nauseum when he showed up at a meeting.) The announcer continued that complete and sudden ''oblivion1' plus a personal "blackout" by his friends contributed ouch to a "breaking" of the gentleman politically.

So - and I now feel my theory vindicated -if a "blackout" of six feet in all directions be applied to magicians «ho paddle their toes first, then feet, ankles and what have you in the water of digression, we contend that it will hurt where pain counts. For professional magicians, up to 99i£, (a little less pure than Ivory soap) have few social acquaintances outside of the amateurs of magic, should they lose those contacts — tough going.

He's on the wire? It's too bad but you're all tied up. He should have let you know sooner. He's in the club room? Speaking to you? "Hello, you're looking well, exouse me for a moment, I must talk to Oeorge about a trick.* Beside you at a meeting, "What? A new pass? Walt a minute. Later. This fellow up here is rather Interesting." a party? "It's nice to see you again. Walt. Hold that trlok for a minute. I'll get Harry. He'd hate to misi it." -------------

George. He's got a marvellous bottom deal while the deck is In someone else' hands. We'll have to get together real soon."

Do YOU think that YOU could be very happy and contented for long should you louse up the true magical ethics and have the friends and kow-tow gentry that a professional loves leave you flat on your misguided efforts for cheap (but too too expensive for the price) publicity?

In the.same mail: "a constant reader of the Jinx since It started, and I must say it never has been representative of such poor ma terial as of late. Unless the sheet shows a marked improvement in the oncoming weekly Issues, I will certainly stop buylngit, as it is a damned poor investment as it now stands."^igne^ John McComick. -— "but please keep the Jinx coming to me no matter how often you decide to publish it. I have always found the ideas especially valuable for they have the professional viewpoint In effect and contain gemlike details which are appreciated by active performers who have sold their amateur oontentedness for the purse of a profession. Your tricks are learned quickly between shows. Keep them coming. —---

(signed) Chris Charlton. --- "and there are few of your publications Mr. Pesquera doesn't have. Congratulations for the change to a weekly. Mr* Pesquera's only regret, when he learns about it,will be that you did not change to a dailyI But we still have hopes, (signed) Raquel A. Perdomo, Sec. to Mr. pesquera, San Juan, .euerto Rico. Those two letters and postal were In the same mall. We had two quick beers.

Within 6 months three movies have emphasized magic. ■'Idiot's Delight" began the cycle with a blatant expose of verbal code telepathy Including a gin-sodden receptresa. "Miracles For Sale," an awfully weak adaptation - but a fast and not so hard to take rewrite of Rawson's book "Death From A Top Hat" lauded the aims of a magician and played down any direct exposes. The dressing room episode with radio gimmick was almost too fast for us to catch. It could have been left out but the dlreotor obviously was pointing his scenes with a bit of "inside" stuff and among a great many he slipped a little this time* It might have been worse.(Aside thanks to someone for the magic mag display rack featuring Oenii - but with our "big hand" picture too snooty for words. Or should Bill Larsen do the bowing?) --- "Eternally Yours" elevates magle to "A" pictures although the magus is personally a stinker rather* Most movies keep magic In side shows or as "openers" on a vaude bill.*hen Loretta Young can be a magician's eternal soul mate it's our humble opinion that magic as an art has arrived. I suppose, though, that many a wand's wife watches Charles Boyer and wonders what has got her husband but hasn't (thank goodness!) got Boyer. Done wrong (again?) the 3.A.M. lodged the usual complaint, and not entirely without cause for the expose of Hardeen's Hell-zapoppln (N.Y.I nicety wasn't cricket - but we ask again why the venerable society doesn't try to plug the hole rather than eternally bale the boat. —- 9 Lines to go. It might not be amiss to bring up the scoop that an eastern magic "association" is hot in a forsulatlve state. The ldealogy of the old time magician will be combined with the necessary showmanship of to-day. Sub rosa talk upon aims portend a group to become quite well known through press contacts and eagerness for publicity frowned upon by the other clans. Well — we got the tip first hand -and if it's for magio, we're for It. All for wand, and wand for all I,

The Jinx is a weekly publication for magicians. Published by Theo. Annemann, Waverly, Hew York, the price per issue is 15 cents - by subscription 8 issues for $1.00. Effects herein shall not be manufactured without the publisher's written consent. Copyright

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