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bill...(which I did)...These guys forget easily... and who...this is a peach...what sharper would tell some stranger or any other sharper...his own methods of cheating...Oh Jerry...Oh Mickey... my jaw aches for you...and something else too... I'm now going to get out my bengue for my neck.

(signed) Frank." ---- Did I say humor? And then

I opend another letter and read i.t the bottom, "May I suggest that you Ignore Frank Lane's insults and publish as little about him as you can. He gloats over the kind of publicity you have given him." --- Well, dear reader, you know how it is with some fellows, especially Frank, './hen you've gotta gloat, you've gotta gloatl

Modern Via eje Programs


Fort Orange Club, Albany, New York, January 14, 1937. Time; 1 hour and 20 minutes. Reviewed by Dr. Gordon C. Peck.

1 The Sympathetic Silks

2 20th Century Handkerchief Trick

3 The Dictionary Trick (using a copy of Who's Who)

4 The Nest of Boxes (with a coin)

5 The Torn Corner Card to Cigarette Ca3e

6 Zen's Miracle Card effect of thought of caitis passing from one envelope to another.

7 The Torn Deck Location (Jinx No. 17)

8 The Cut and Restored Rope Trick (Grant)

9 The Chinese Linking Rings.

Mulholland Interpolates quite a bit of talking with his effects, describing magic of various countries where he has visited, and making of his program a combination lecture and demonstration.

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