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If the magicians who read these words spend an evening period of two hours to make up the required zimmick combination, plus an additional hour or so of steady practise in making the fans required, pro> vlded they don't already have them mastered, they'll be in possession of a really new and quite startling routine to be used at almost any time during their program.

The modern decks of cards obtainable now in the five and ten cent stores have a wide range of ornamental backs. These are of such odd designs that they allow of at least four entirely different patterns being shown as the deck Is fanned from either end in the from left to right move, and from either end when fanned from right to left.

It Is advised that the reader be somewhat efficient In the making of the regulation for.vard and backward fans as put forth both in "Dodson's Card Pans" publication and also quite fully described in Hilllard's Greater Magic.

This routine is, in a way, a dimin lahlng card routine of great scope.

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Performed with an unprepared deck and an added gimmick Ingeniously prepared to recognise all of the angles at which the cards are held, the various changes of size and face are followed with a card of that particular size being left in view for comparison with subsequent and former changes.

It will be necessary for the performer to secure four different decks of cards from which to make the gimmick, besides his ordinary deck and a single giant card. These decks are sbld in card and novelty stores, and the back designs of these decks do not matter.

After getting the giant card and the ordinary standard size deck, one needs a narrow or bridge size deck, an Angel back deck (smaller in size for small hands), a deck known as Mickey Mouse cards (at the five and ten),and a deck called Little Duke (at novelty shops). With some rather stiff paper to make some small envelopes, scissors and paste, everything Is about set to proceed with the building of this extraordinary effect.

On the next page is a complete set of illustrations for making clear each step, both in the manufacture and In the positions for the various fans which are used in the presentation. There should be no difficulty in cutting and assembling the parts one by one. The sketches are all explained In the text.



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