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the upper right corner with the right thumb underneath and the fingers, on top, turn it outward end for end and at the same time bring it underneath the top slate and square. The flap is on this slate, held in place by fingers, and; the two slates are placed for the moment on your table. You pick up a ribbon, or preferably a large and heavy elastic band. Pick up the slates, leaving the flap behind, and remarking that they will be securely held together, make the same move as just described, turning the now top slate over and bringing it back under the other. The messages are now both inside and the slates are fastened. When revealed, everything can be examined and the numbering all checks perfectly.

Be careful when handling that the undersides of slates in hand cannot be seen as the messages are there several times. These moves are all simple, and although it may take several readings with the slates in hand to conquer the problem, you will be more than satisfied and pleased with the result. For variation you, can have the card's names appear, one on each slate. Or again, have on each slate the answer to one question. Finding writing on both slates after openly numbering will fool well posted conjurers.

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