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fingers while the right hand apparently evens up the four hanging corners of handkerchief. This action of squeezing the stack in the turnover, makes a solid and stuck together pile of coins 6 to 10, and it drops silently into the right hand urelemeath as performer steps towards spectator who holds the four ends with the coins hanging downward, This pile is pocketed or dropped into a well in the action of picking up a tray from the table and onto which the second ten coins are counted. This tray is the well known money tray, and is loaded with five coins. Dumping the ten counted coins into the hands of another adds the five and the mechanical details of the trick are over.


A handkerchief is spread over palm of left hand and a dime and penny placed in the center. Finger of left hand grasp the coins through cloth from underside, holding handkerchief up by center so that the corners hang downward. The right now twists the handkerchief ropewise to hold the two coins securely. Right hand now takes hold of the coins and the left pulls the dime right through the cloth, leaving the penny still twisted inside. Untwisting the handkerchief, only the penny remainsĀ«

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