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Effects used in tills routine of' one man men-talism are seven in number, and with the exception of the slate, everything can be carried on the performer's person. All of the numbers are suitable for club, lodge, banquet, and platform performances where the audience consists of any number with about 250 being the limit.

The running time of the routine as given is approximately twenty-five minutes.

The necessary apparatus, if it can be called that, for the routine Is as follows:

One flesh colored thumb tip (or two, if you like.) A pad of paper about x 3-^. loolworth has a small acratch pad just the size. About 8 In a bunch for a nickle. Two pencils.

Two decks of cards. One has red backs and the other black, a large paper clip of the slip on type. A Ho. 2 size end opening drug envelope. One thumb writing gimmick. All dealers can supply this in several forms. Use that which Is easiest and most practical for you. One slate, about 8 x 10 in size. Chalk.

A handkerchief for cleaning slate. A prepared set of 32 square drawing cards as described for Extra-Sensory Perception. One current newspaper containg classified ads.

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