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him the list with name in that position designated by his card. If he selects a one, three, five, or seven, hand him the list with the name at a position just one beyond the value of his card. Tell him to count down by marking off the names and note the next one.

After the first prophecy has been read, make another, writing ROOSEVELT. The second volunteer selects a card from his half of deck (lower). If he chooses a court card, which you previously stated would amount to ten, or a ten spot, have him count to the tenth name. If he Rets a nine, have him mark off the names, and take the next.

Volunteer must not see the faces of the cards in the half of the deck from which he chooses one. At the conclusion both halves of the deck are shuffled together and not a clue remains. The performer may compile his own lists of the names, and can place the two to be selected in their proper positions. The feat is quite incomprehensible even to the average magician, as all appears so fair.

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