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Dante (Harry Jansen) spent $750 for a full page Variety (Oct.18) ad to entice theatre managers throughout the U.S. Main line read -"And now America - Radio - Pictures - Cinemas -Theatres - Variety - Try wm. Morris, N.Y. To my mind Dante is' the personification of a magician. He's a great and suave showman. But after 12 years away from this country he will, as did Dave Bamberg (who was away 15), find show business decidedly different from that as he knew it. When Dante left the country there was vaudeville and many continuous wepks of legit houses throughout the country. Those legit houses have now either fallen down or been revamped Into movie grind emporiums. Dave remonstrated with me in Havana, saying, "Thurston is dead and that leave3 room In the ¿tates for a full evening's magic show." And, having left jfhen road business was good, he couldn't sense that even Thurston had to close down the big show and play vaude presentation houses for the last 5 years of hi3 life. English papers say Dante will be here a year to break In Danton as his successor. We hope all of us can see the "Sim-Sala-Blm" show in its entirety and not as a hacked up vaudeville turn. Union labor difficulties and expenses are terrific in this country when compared to other lands. With a show of Dante's size, and those different sets for each illu3ibn and trick, the union salaries will skyrocket aplenty. But we'll hope.

It takes the stretch of a magician's imagination to get a recent vihelan drugstore tie-up which features signs reading, "You'll enjoy Think-a-Drink Hoffman at the Broadhurst (where Streets of Paris is running); you'll enjoy a soda at VKhelan's." —- The Billboard reviewed Dell O'Dell at N.Y.'s Hotel Warwick, saying, "Her stunts are wonder-evoking and so good that the Chinese Rings trick with which she concludes Is anti-climactic. This item has been overworked by every second magician in the SAM, and Miss O'Dell has enough other good stuff to molt it. — Chester Morris worked a couple of personal appearances across country and then ran Into N.Y.C. for a few days play. On a radio interview he gave Los Maglcos club and Thayer, nice mentions. A local radio columnist wrote: "Chester Morris makes the other professionals who dabble with magic look like the amateurs that they are." --- Commenting upon the bad luck which seems to follow a good many of the Atlantic City contest winners, the N.Y. Mirror headlined, "45 Beauties Compete For Title Of 'Miss Jinx.' Now THAT is an ideal

Max Holden has purchased rights for the Merlin manuscripts published some years ago by Welworth Co. They are being rewritten to iron out the difficulties of understanding which arose from the fact that Jack was left handed and will be printed in book form. This is good news for many as the Merlin card material was exceptionally good and out of print for a long time. --- John Scarne has been taken under the

Winchell wing. Recently columned was "The next time any night club or theatre manager complains that he can't find a good novelty act, he ought to have his head examined...Because John Scarne, acknowledge by all magicians to be the greatest card manipulator of them all, can't get a job...He could retire in a year if he wanted to be a card shark and trim chumps...But he never gambles...You haven't seen card stunts or magic if you haven't popped out your eyes watching him deal a hand - not from the top or bottom of the deck - but from the center." A few days later Winchell ran "Things I never

Page knew about card sharps'* again giving Scarne a nice plug. Our contention has always been that John is at his best when he's got a deck in his hand, a cigar in his mouth, and telling you with illustrations, "so we left Jersey City for Miami and outside Philly lined up a game with a guy who got the busted straight I dealt him, etc." From here on Johnny takes you through the maze of dealing, double dealing, betting, raising, and general all around crooked card-ology, and finally you feel just about as broke as the "guy" must have been before they reached Washington; I'd like to see Scarne, ill the middle of the floor of the Rainbow Room, not as a sleek, suave, Cardini-type manipulator, but with a loud or checkered suit, cigar et al, saying, "Listen folks, It ain't safe to play cards with strangers, and I'll tell you why."

And here's a paragraph out of the notebook where it's masted for many years. Maybe someone can use it. The act is called "A Day In the Life of a Gambler." It starts as of the morn when the fellow keeps practising and manipulating objects as he gets dressed, eats, is barbered and manicured (always keeping the free hand busy). As the day progresses, the finger work never stops, and finally the game begins. After a few demonstrated hands, etc., the argument starts over certain wrong doings which are brought out and acted upon in the script, blackout, gunshot or two, and the lights come up with the table tipped over, cards askew, and everybody (the kid himself) gone. Anyhow, the main Idea is there and can be worked on If anyone is interested.

We can't wait until the Nov. Linking Ring comes out with Stewart (The nacky Wizard) James' trick, "Took Best Book Test." It should be as good as his "Cut and Restored Thought. "* His block of wood in a tin box prophecy gadget Is quite a thing. He got nice publicity on it in Fort Erie when the Chief of Police took it from the safe where it had been for a year and read the news headline prophecy James had deposited the year before. Abbott will probably market.

Those "Snooty Pups" are quite the rage. On polarized magnets the two dogs always switch around quite magically to end up nose to nose. If you get two sets and turn the dog around on one magnet you can keep this in your pocket as a ringer. Show the pups off as usual. Then switch in the ringer and pass them out for someone else to play with. --- An up-and-comer did his show and then asked Al Baker for criticism. "Can you suggest anything that I might put in the act?" Baker didn't hesitate for long. "No, but I can mention a lot of things you could take out." --- The biggest sotto voice laugh in the movie "Eternally Yours" la when Loretta Young, the magician's wife, is seen wearing a J35,000 chinchilla coat. That (continued on page 450)

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