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"no code" telepathy 11

On the table you place the pad of paper and the three books which have been borrowed. Also have there the slate and chalk. With these few articles, and extremely small amount of preparation you are ready to have your medium duplicate a drawing, reveal a sum total, divulge a freely selected word, rearrange a secret order of cards, clairvoyantly "see" sealed up pasteboards, and lastly, locate both a hidden article and then its owner. That should be variety enough for one performance, especially as there is really nothing to learn except the procedure.

After the "Secret Order" item, it is only necessary to replace the Aces on the deck, put a few cards above them, and you are set for the hidden article effect to close. The finger writer has been used in the opening effect so it will save a certain amount of trouble. Some of the most beautiful bits of fumbling I have ever seen have been when certain performers tried to get a gimmick "on" in the middle of the act.

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