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10 a club of magic

10 a club of magic

Effect: An unopened pack of cards is handed to someone in the audience. The seal is broken and cards are shuffled. Magician takes pack back, and has card freely selected by anyone in the audience. Card is replaced in pack. Magician goes back to stage. Magician then takes saw and cuts pack in half. Magician takes one half of pack in hand, and asks someone in audience to cry "stop" at any desired place. Magician pulls cards out of pack throwing them on floor until someone crys "stop." Card on which he stops is placed on table. He now takes other half of deck and repeats the "cry stop" effect. He then shows the two pieces and holds them together. They fit! It is the previously selected card!

Method: A selected card is returned to pack, pass it to the top. That's all there is to the trick — nothing more. The rest is simply showmanship and presentation. As the "half-cards" are being thrown to floor, obviously you are "second dealing," always retaining the top card.

We now skip a few years. "Sawing a Woman in Half" is not so prominent now in the minds of non-magical people. But the above described effect is just as good at is was many years ago. "Torn and Restored Cards," "Card in a Box," "Card in an Egg," "Card in a Cigarette," and other effects are in vogue. So let's bring our trick up to 1929:

Method: After a card is selected by some one in the audience, with a flourish a pencil is handed to an unknown assistant with instructions to "Write your name on this card. That's to identify it later." The magician now goes through the same type of presentation as above, but instead of using a saw (it always was difficult to saw a pack of cards in half — the pasteboards slipped) he states that he has been reading "Physical Culture" magazine lately, and by eating the raw meat and vegetables prescribed therein can easily tear a pack in half. The balance of the effect is the same.

Still another method, and one I used January 20, 1936, at an entertainment where A1 Baker and I were the only magicians, is this. After the card has been selected, returned to the deck, and passed to the top, I cut the deck in half. Placing the halfs at opposite ends of the table, I offer the spectator his choice of either pack. Of course, this is "magician's choice" and the correct half forced. I give the assistant one half and retain the half with the selected card on top. I now say to the assistant "do as I do." With that, I tear up my part of the pack! This brings a good laugh for usually the assistant "stalls." If he does tear his half in half, it's still a

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