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Spectators may remove the cards and examine «11.

The novelty of this effect la very pleasing and different. One extra card Is needed and the two duplicates are on top of deck to start. Put a common pin in each lapel with the head sticking up a bit onto which you can engage the cards. As the spectator first names his card, fan deck with backs out, and when you find the card slip it to deck top and BETWEEN the duplicates there. Close deck and hold face down. Remove the top two as one and show the named card. Replace on deck face up, and about half an inch higher than deck top. With card facing you and with the remark that you'll mark the card beyond all question, pick up punch and punch a hole near center of top edge. To avoid difficulty later on in lining up this hole, on bottom of the two cards held as one, hold your punch parrallel with the top edge of card and deck, pushed in as far as It will go. The side of punch lays along top of deck, so that the card does not stick above side of punch. Thus a gauge is made whereby later there will be no enlarged hole.

After punching and showing face of card once more, turn it face down on deck by grasping the protruding end and turning it over towards yourself. Then left thumb slides off the top card and right hand hangs it back out on left lapel. Now the next card (really the next two) are lifted a little at rear and pushed forward. The right fingers grasp outer end and turn them face up with about a half inch protruding. This card is shown as the performer's card and you remark it will be marked with TWO holes. Gauging the first punch exactly as before lines it with the hole In the card underneath the face up card and the holes will coincide. The second punch is made alongside it through both cards but this need not be measured. The two cards as one are then turned face down on deck as at first, the top card slid off, and hung on the right lapel back out with the two punch holes plainly seen. Palming off the top card of deck, it is tossed to one side and the climax brought about as the two faces have changed places even though the identifying punch holes have not.

This is a nice stunt almost anywhere, an extra card, punch, and two pins being all that is necessary. The hanging on coat business is cute.

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