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When magicians, as public minded citizens, denounce the many laws which have been carried on the books for umpteen years and which are ridiculous when looked at and enforced in present day light, they should go back through their own literature and demand that formulae for accomplishing this and that be tested and thrown out if found lacking. Too often we find articles and tricks which refer to a certain chemical way of doing something, and, upon trial discover that it just won't work. Of course, it all could work itself out if someone sincerely wouldn't print such tripe unless he had given it a try. You and you will say that you know how to get writing inside the shell of an egg; you'll also admit that you know how to fireproof a hank and make a ring stay suspended in the air by the ashes of a burned thread. But did you ever actually DO the stunt? Magicians, people who are supposed to know all about the strange occurances and possibilities of existence, are, for the most part, gullible because they profess knowledge of things they haven't tried. This applies mostly to the ones who feel that they have to write instructions for sale. It's so easy to copy down something written by somebody else. And complaints are small In proportion to sales because too many magi book buyers read but don't perform. Tricks requiring chemical preparation, even an hour's effort for 20 shows, are so awfully easy to pass by with the thought that it will be tried out "later" And by that time the fellow is back at the counter again asking, "What's new?"

This hit us directly, of late, when one of our passed on nostrums proved to be of no value despite its long life of some sixty years. It taught us a lesson and a moral. The latter is, "Don't believe a damned thing you read In any magical journal until you've tried it." The former results in our promise never again to "kick around with abandon" any read or remembered bit of data until we've annoyed the corner drug store and discovered that it actually does do the trick.

Herbert Hood's tricks in issue No. 136 are being liked, from the mail, and a request came in for a simple deck marking system. During the interim Michael Zens, who evolved that miracle effect of two decades where cards pass into an envelope under impossible seeming conditions, has published "The Cardology of Tomorrow." It's a 48 page book which includes a highly practical method of marking^ different from any we've ever seen. So — we'll bow out for the present. *** Someone had a flash of pure wisdom and a dose of over-due graciousness when they put Hazel Miller's picture on the May Linking Ring cover. More than any one or ten individuals Miss Miller has carried the burden of IBM responsibilities since first when she became W.W.Durbin's secretary and heard about magic. I don't know what will happen when the widespread officers can't send their data to that little midwestern town of Kenton, Ohio, for capable handling. And I hope she's had at least two raises in salary since the one in High Point, IT.C., four years ago. Ten years of executive work plus convention headaches can't entirely be paid off by a picture. Dell 0'-Dell opened on Kay 19 at Cerutti's (N.Y.C.) Restaurant. She appears on Mon.,Tue., Wed., only from 10 P.M. to closing.

That last notice reminds of what Russell Swann has long said. Magic club members really don't support the nite club and hotel professional magi as they should. He has been at one spot in this city for 9 weeks and can count on the fingers of one hand the magicians and club members who have dropped in to catch his act. And I've found that this applies to all magicians who work; at magic for a living. The clubs want the profs as members but the members, in turn, never seem to reciprocate by having dinner, just once, where their brother (?) member is earning a living by keeping magic before the public. I wonder if that may not be one good reason why professional magi are so scarce on membership lists? Russ told us one grand tale, though, when he gave us the name of a well known and fairly wealthy amateur magus who belongs to this and that one of our organizations..The louse with a wand had the nerve to tell Russ about a big party he threw and at where he had 19 acts. Swann naturally asked what magician played on the date. The answer was, "Oh, I didn't get a magician for this show!" Maybe club constitutions should start including a "treason" clause!

Otis 1,'anning, who left Toledo, Ohio, but a few years.back to become a to be reckonned with nite club magis, is currently in Florida while dickering for a spot in a N.Y. musical comedy show next season. Walter Gibson told me that Manning's M.C. magical antics are awfully to-notch, to say nothing about his wife being even top-notcher. *+* It's just as well If we never find out who did his manipulations in "clink" but the N.Y. newspaper said that 4 bad boys were entertained in the bastile by a man who chose to spend the day in jail rather than pay a $2 parking fine. "He had a pack of cards with him," said one of the four,"and he showed us all kinds of tricks. It's a pleasure to spend a day in jail with a guy like that." Then, quoting a mother of one in the apdience (they couldn't walk out.' Ed.), "That's a fine thing to teach children in jail." (What should he have taught or shown them? Escapes? Ed.) What we thought real publicity, though, was the headline, reading, "You Pick Op Some Swell Card Tricks in Jail." GabbathaJ

HE FOOIS YOU.' (continued from page 784)

top or back card is a Heart. Look through and lay down the 6 of Hearts. Riffle shuffle the deck as you select and instruct a spectator to prepare for his attempt to be a magician. Leave the top and bottom cards in place. Now false cut by undercutting,with right hand, about half of the deck and slapping it in front of this person. Right hand now takes the remaining half (top) from left and slaps this down upon the other. At the same time you say, "Perhaps you had better cut once more. Cut off what you want and then put the rest of the deck on top but crosswise to keep track of your cut."

The moment this is done, ask the person involved to put his hands over the face down card on table. Say, "I haven't touched it since it first was put there, have I?" Then, "I selected the card before you cut the deck, .didn't I?" This serves, for a few moments, to take attention away from the spectator's cutting.

Say, "This ought to prove that you have the power." Turn over the uppermost half of the pack and show the face card of it. Say, "Let's call this the value.. It's a six." Next turn over the top card of the lower section. Say, "And this should in-dicaie the suit. It's a Heart." Continue, "You are els good as I judged from observing you beforehand. Look. The card you have revealed really is the Six of Hearts."

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